Yards to Meters

In this article, we’ll discuss two different methods to convert form yards to meters so that you can convert the required value without trouble.

Yards (yd)

The yard is an English unit of length (symbolises as ‘yd‘) in both the British imperial and US customary measurement systems. It has been standardised as exactly 0.9144 metres by international agreement since 1959. A mile is 1,760 yards long and yard equals to 3 feet and 6 inches.

Meters (m)

The metre or meter is the base unit of length in the SI System (International System of Units). The SI unit symbol for meter is ‘m‘. The meter is currently defined as the length of light’s path through space in 1/ 299792458 of a second.

How to convert from yards to meters?

Here we are explaining two methods for the conversion so you will be able to choose according to you preference.

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By Using Converter

In the box as shown in the image, enter the quantity of yards you would like to change and click ‘Convert‘ for the result to appear in the equal amount of meters. And you’ll get your results. Our yards – meters converter is easy and accurate to use!


In addition, For the opposite calculation, go to convert meters to yards.

By Using Formula

The Second method to convert yards to meter is very simple. A simple and effective way to do conversion from yards to meters is by dividing the yards (length) value by 1.094.

m = yd / 1.094


Since, 1 yard is equal to 0.9144 meters, there are 0.9144 meters in every yard. So, multiply that number by the number of yards to get the number of meters.

meters = yards × 0.9144

Let’s have a look at an example for better understanding –

Problem : How to convert 100 yards to meters? (using the formula above)

Formula : ‘meters = yards × 0.9144’

Solution :

100 y = (100 × 0.9144)

  = 91.44 m