mm to ft

To convert a millimeter measurement to a foot measurement, multiply the length by the conversion ratio. The method to convert millimeters to feet is very simple.

The difference in metric values across the globe and the diverse system of education adds to the complexity of the conversion. Hence, making the simple conversions like mm to feet a hard nut to crack.

What is Millimeters?


The definition of a millimeter is formulated around a meter as it is said to be 1/1000 part of a meter, or the distance covered by light in 1/299792458000 fraction of a second.

A meter bar served as a prototype for defining the length of a meter. In the year 2019, the last revision was made in the definition of meter, which was based on the modification done to the definition of a second.

What is Feet?


A feet comprises 12 inches and 3 feet is combined to form one yard. Before the current definition of feet was established and the standardization of units was done, the measurement of feet was used in various systems.

Due to this, the variation in the length of feet from 250 mm to 335 mm existed, unlike the current set length of 304.8 mm. The United States is one of the few countries that utilize foot as a measuring unit of length.

Different Measurement of Feet in Various Units:

1 Foot 0.304 meter
1 Foot 12 inches
1 Foot 304800 microns
1 Foot 0.0003048 kilometers
1 Foot 0.333333 yard
1 Foot 30.48 centimeters

Relationship between Millimeter (mm) and Feet (ft):


The relationship between millimeter and meter is free of changes and remains constant but the relationship between millimeters and feet is important because it helps you while performing the conversion of these units. 1 millimeter equals 0.003281 feet, whereas 1 foot equals 304. 8 millimeters.

How to Convert Millimeter and Feet?

Considering that 1 millimeter equals 0.003281 feet, you can use this relation for converting the value in millimeters to feet.

Feet = Millimeters0.003281 For instance, here is a conversion of 600 mm in feet 600 mm= 6000.003281= 1.9686 feet

To convert milimeters to feet you simply multiply your milimeters by 0.0032808399. The formula would look like this:
Yft = Xmm * 0.0032808399

1 millimeter is equal to 0.00328084 feet:
1 mm = (1/304.8) ft = 0.00328084 ft
The distance d in feet (ft) is equal to the distance d in millimeters (mm) divided by 304.8:
d(ft) = d(mm) / 304.8

Convert 20 millimeters to feet:
d(ft) = 20mm / 304.8 = 0.065617ft


1 mm0.003281′
2 mm0.006562′
3 mm0.009843′
4 mm0.013123′
5 mm0.016404′
6 mm0.019685′
7 mm0.022966′
8 mm0.026247′
9 mm0.029528′
10 mm0.032808′
20 mm0.065617′
30 mm0.098425′
40 mm0.131234′
50 mm0.164042′
60 mm0.19685′
70 mm0.229659′
80 mm0.262467′
90 mm0.295276′
100 mm0.328084′
200 mm0.656168′
300 mm0.984252′
400 mm1.3123′
500 mm1.6404′
600 mm1.9685′
700 mm2.2966′
800 mm2.6247′
900 mm2.9528′
1,000 mm3.2808′

Current Use of Millimeter:

The millimeter is currently used for measuring smaller lengths but the ones which are visible on the scales.

Current Use of Feet:

Feet or Foot is used to measure the lengths, which are comparatively larger than the lengths measured in millimeters.

Difference between Millimeter and Feet

Parameters      MillimeterFeet
DefinitionThe definition of millimeter is formulated around a meter as it is said to be 1/1000 part of a meter      or the distance covered by light in 1/299792458000 fraction of a second.The definition of a foot in the year 1959 was set to be 0.3048 meter. A foot comprises 12 inches and 3 feet to form one yard.     
Relation1 Millimeter = 0.003281 feet1 Foot = 304.8 millimeters
Area of acceptanceLiberia, Myanmar, and the United States use millimeter extensivelyMajorly in the United States
ApplicationFor measuring the lengthFor measuring small lengths