BTU to Ton

To convert BTU to Ton in a number of situations regarding cooling and heating. One 1 unit is equal to 8.33333E-5 ton. It is a ton refrigeration unit and denoted as “TR or RT”.

For Converting this two units you have to first know or understand about British Thermal Unit and Ton.

British Thermal Unit:

British thermal unit

A British thermal unit is a measure of the heat content of fuels or energy sources. It is the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one pound of liquid water by 1 degree Fahrenheit at the temperature that water has the greatest density (about 39 degrees Fahrenheit).

It stands for British Thermal Unit. Despite its name, it’s actually not commonly used across the pond. It is a unit of measurement for energy which is equal to the amount of energy used to raise the temperature of 1 lb of water 1 degree Fahrenheit.



The ton has traditionally been a unit of mass in the Imperial and US customary systems of units. It is a unit of weight equal to 2,000 pounds (907.18 kilograms) (short tons) in the United States and 2,240 pounds (1,016.05 kilograms) (long tons) in Britain.

The metric ton used in most other countries is 1,000 kilograms, which equals 2,204.6 pounds.

How many British Thermal Units are in a ton?

Converting that ice weight into energy involves a complex mathematical formula, but in the end a “ton” of air conditioning capacity represents approximately 12,000 British Thermal Units per hour.

How to Convert British Thermal Unit in Ton?

One refrigeration ton is equal to 12000:
1 RT = 12000
One per hour is equal to 8.33333×10-5 refrigeration ton:
1 British thermal Unit/hour = 8.33333×10-5 RT
So the power P in refrigeration tons (RT) is equal to the power P in divided by 12000:
P(RT) = P(British Thermal Unit/hr) / 12000


Convert 1 british thermal unit/h to tons?
We know that 1 British thermal unit = 8.33333E-5 ton; 1 ton = 12000 british thermal unit/hour.
1 british thermal unit/hour = ___tons.
1 x 8.33333E-5 = 0.0000833333 tons

1 british thermal unit/hour = 0.0000833333 tons

British Thermal Unit to Tons Chart:

This chart shows common sizes for equipment including room air conditioners, mini split heat pumps and ACs and central AC and heat pump units.

Mini splits and central HVAC equipment comes in fewer sizes. And room air conditioners are limited in size to about 14,000 for portable units and about 30,000 for window air conditioners.

British Thermal Unit to Ton Conversion Table

5,000 BTU0.42 Ton
6,000 BTU0.5 Ton
8,000 BTU0.65 Ton
9,000 BTU0.75 Ton
10,000 BTU0.83 Ton
12,000 BTU1 Ton
14,000 BTU1.15 Ton
15,000 BTU1.25 Ton
18,000 BTU1.5 Ton
24,000 BTU2 Ton
28,000 BTU2.33 Ton
30,000 BTU2.5 Ton
34,000 BTU2.83 Ton
36,000 BTU3 Ton
42,000 BTU3.5 Ton
48,000 BTU4 Ton
54,000 BTU4.5 Ton
60,000 BTU5 Ton
80,000 BTU6.65 Ton
100,000 BTU8.33 Ton
120,000 BTU10 Ton

Current Use of British Thermal Unit:

Although it is still used ‘unofficially’ in metric English-speaking countries (such as USA, Canada, UK), its use has declined or has been replaced in other parts of the world. 1 term is defined in the United States and European Union as 100,000 British thermal unit—but the U.S. uses the British thermal unit59 °F while the EU uses the British thermal unit/hour.

Current Use of Ton:

The ton of refrigeration is mostly used in North America, specifically within the context of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment. It is often displayed along side specifications.