Developer ServiceNow

ServiceNow is one of the most widely used ITSM platforms for automating various business processes. It started operations with IT Service Management software that assist both IT Enterprise and IT Service Management, including system security, support directory management, human resource management, and project portfolio management, among other services. ServiceNow offers a tool for engineers called ‘ServiceNow Developer Instance‘.

What does a ServiceNow Developer do?

A ServiceNow developer is a software developer who specializes in working with this platform. As, they design, code, and troubleshoot applications. if we want working with custom applications, ServiceNow developers may manage the platform and infrastructure as well. Because they are capable to handle tasks like architectural changes, integrations, and new module implementation.


What are the Essential skills for ServiceNow developers?

ServiceNow developers will benefit from the following technical skills given below:

  • Ability to program in JavaScript.
  • Knowledge of markup languages such as HTML and XML.
  • Familiar with stylesheet languages like CSS.
  • Knowledge of Web development tools and techniques like .NET and AJAX.
  • Cloud computing expertise.

Technical knowledge is not the only criteria and requirement for this career path. Non-technical skills for an aspiring ServiceNow developer to learn include:

  • Problem-solving capability
  • Project management
  • Collaboration
  • Communication etc.

What are the Benefits of becoming a registered ServiceNow Developer?

Some of the key benefits are listed below:-

  • ServiceNow Technical Library Access – developer specific API reference, documentation, tutorials, getting started guides and best practices.
  • Online Training Stuff – comprehensive series of self-paced videos for learning to develop on the ServiceNow platform.
  • Personal Developer Instance – Every registered developer will have access to their own development instance of ServiceNow.

[As long as you stay active in your instance, it’s yours to keep and use it. If you go longer than 2 weeks without using it, the instance will be decommissioned, but there is a chance that you can always request another one in the future]

  • Technical Events (Online and Local)– you’ll have access to these technical virtual or local conferences (CreatorCon, Hackathons, etc.)
  • Online Developer Forum – access technical forums designed specifically for developers and developer issues.