How to Clean out your computer system

This is so frusting when you working in your device and it slows down it gets hang again and again. In this high tech world, it is very hard to wait more than a couple of seconds to load anything. It seems like we are wasting our time in it.

One study in UK says that slow computers can cost organizations 5.5 days of lost productivity per person per year.

Worry not..

There are multiple ways to make our system run faster. So, before taking hammer to your computer or Mac try these tips. 😛

Stop Automatic Run Programs when you Start up your System

This is one of the most common reason that effects the computer speed. Many of us don’t know that some application open automatically run as soon as you start your system. These programs use your computer’s memory and slow down the speed. So its an advice to stops this first to enhance the speed.

While some applications like antivirus, firewall software should be allowed to run in background.

Wondering How? Know here >>>

  • On most Windows computers, you can access the Task Manager by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc,
  • Then clicking the Startup tab. Select any program in the list
  • Click the Disable button if you don’t want it to run on startup

Uninstall or Delete the Apps

Most of the computer have pre-installed application which are of no use and some of them you don’t use. These app eats the memory of your system. So it is better to delete them.

Follow the steps to remove or uninstall the app –

  • Go to the control panel > Programs > Programs and Features
  • Press and hold (or right-click) on the program you want to remove and select Uninstall

Hard Disk Clean Up

First check how much space is left in your computer. If the space is less than 15%, congrates you find the reason why your computer is slow? For this,

  • Delete the old files which are of no use.
  • Compress the large files into the zip format.
  • Upload the files into the drives which comes in used rarley.

Note– If your system is slow and storage is not full then may be your OS have some issues.

Rather than Save Photos and Vidoes to Computer, Save them in Hard Drive or in Cloud Storage

We have a habbit to export our phone memory (Images and Videos) in the laptops, computers that we don’t want to lose. Make practice to Save old pictures or videos to the cloud or external drive. This frees up a lot of memory space, which hamper the speed up your computer.

Run a Disk Cleanup

Always have a disk clean up such as cclearner, comptuner etc in your system beacuse while browsing and using internet lots of temporary files gets downloads in your computer such as caches, internet history, cookies which takes lot of space in your hard drive.

So if you have disk clean up you can free hundreds of megabytes by deleting unnecessary system files, temporary files and emptying your recycling bin.

Steps to Run Disk Cleanup in Windows

  1. Click Settings > Click Control Panel > Administrative Tools.
  2. Click Disk Cleanup.
  3. At the Drives list, select which drive you want to run Disk Cleanup on.
  4. Select which files you want to delete.
  5. Click OK.
  6. Click Delete files.

Change the Power Plan to High Performance.

Computer have different power plans such as Balance, Power Saver, and High Performance which control how the computer uses power. Some settings in the computer increase the battery life by lowering performance. But the high performance will increase the speed of the computer.
Make sure that this feature only work in desktop because High Performance setting on a laptop will drain the battery.

Enabling High Performance Power Plan:

1. Open the start menu and search “Control panel” and open it

2. Now change “View by” to “Small icons” > Click “Power Options

3. Select “High Performance

Always Install Antivirus in your System

Always install Antivirus in your devices to add layer of protection to keep your computer safe! This will run your system faster.

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Remove Unused Browser Extensions

If your internet browser such as google chrome or firefox is running slow, then might be a reason that you have too many google extensions running at the same time. Deleting extensions that you don’t need saves computer memory, Thereby speeding up its overall performance. If you’re using Google Chrome.


Simply right-click on the extension icon you want to remove and choose “Remove from Chrome”.

Update your Computer’s Software.

Computer Software update will fix bugs and glitches which make system run slower. To check wheather software is up-to-date on Windows, click the Start Button > All Programs > Windows Update > Check for Updates. On a Mac, go to Apps under the Apple icon menu and click on About this Mac.

To update your system software on Windows, just follow these steps:

  1. Click the Windows icon in your task bar to open up the Start menu. (If you don’t already know, this icon is in the bottom left corner of your screen.)
  2. Click “All Programs.”
  3. Click, “Windows Update.”
  4. After Windows Update opens, click “Check for Updates” on the top left side of the window.
  5. Once Windows finishes checking for updates, click the “Install” button.
  6. When the updates have finished installing, restart your computer (if prompted).

After following these steps your system speed surely gonna increase. However, all computers and their components degrade and have to be replaced or upgraded over time. But with proper care, you can delay that and give your computer a long, happy life.