How to disable chats in teamviewer?

TeamViewer provides a number of secure chat instances and options so you can choose the right communication tool at the right time. Whether you need to message a customer about their service case or update an entire team at once, the appropriate chat option is accessible from your desktop or mobile device.

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How to disable chats in teamviewer?

To disable the Chat option then you can follow these lines:

  • Navigate to Extras
  • then go to options.
  • then click Advance and Under Advanced settings for Computers & Contacts.
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  • you can tick the box Disable Chat and confirm with OK.
  • Now you need to restart your TeamViewer application to activate the setting.
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How do you send messages on TeamViewer?

To start the program’s chat feature, select the desired contact in your TeamViewer contacts list with the right mouse button and choose the corresponding option. The chat window will open up and you can enter your message. Once you’ve submitted your message, you’ll see if it has been sent successfully.