How to get a window back on screen?

In this article we will discuss about how to get a window back on screen using desktop, cascade to arrange windows, keyboard key and taskbar.

Some ways to get a window back on screen:

Here you can use following ways below to get a window back on screen .

Way 1: Using desktop

Follow these steps:

  • Firstly right-click a blank area of the Desktop, then choose “Display settings“.
display setting image
  • Select Display in the side panel and choose one of the resolutions in the Advanced scaling settings.
display option image
  • Temporarily change the Resolution to another value, then choose “Apply“.
  • See if you can see the window on your screen now.
  • Change the resolution back to the previous value, then select “OK“.

Way 2: Using cascade to arrange windows

  • Right-click an empty space on the taskbar.
  • Select Cascade windows.
cascade window image
  • The open windows are rearranged into a cascade, including your missing windows.

Way 3: Using keyboard key

Follow these steps:

  • On your keyboard, hold down the Windows Key and press “D“.
  • Repeat these steps to see if it makes the window you are looking for reappear.

Way 4: Using taskbar

Follow these steps:

  • Firstly select program that you want in the task bar.
  • Hold the Windows Key while pressing Left Arrow or Right Arrow repeatedly to move the window back into view.


We’ve gone through three different ways for you to get a window back on screen. They may help you to get a window back on screen using keyboard key,taskbar, desktop and cascade. You can choose the way you like. Do leave your comments below if you have suggestions.