How to Hack Google?

Google is a best Search engine site which helps you to search any query, doubt, questions or anything you want to know. As we all know, Hack Google that we all have a brain which is full of doubts and queries. Sometimes we want to Translate some text then google will you to know more about things.

On google you can get knowledge about everything you have a doubt in your mind like I am studying in class 10th and I have a doubt regarding any chapter or I want question answers of my NCRET book so for that we can search Question answers of class 10th NCERT book by typing or voice typing. Now google will show you the best sites so that you can get deep knowledge related to your query.

It organizes world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. It is a artificial intelligence, online advertising, cloud computing, computer software, quantum computing, e-commerce, and consumer electronics.

Google is a complete package of knowledge. Google helps you to show pictures, videos and content related to your topic.

Benefits of Google:

  • Helps you in Education.
  • Helps you in Business.
  • Helps you in Entertainment.
  • Helps you know the latest news.
  • Helps you to give more and more information.
  • Tells you the weather forecast, Time and temperature.
  • Gets news notifications.
  • Spread more and more awareness.

Some Google Apps:


Google Assistant

Google Calendar

Google Drive

Google Duo

Google Earth

Google My Business

Google News

Google Photos

Google Play Books

Google Play Music

Google Play Movies & TV

Google Sheets

Google Maps

Google Pay

How to create Google account?

Step-1 Go to the Google account page.
Step-2 Click Create account.
Step-3 Enter your name.
Step-4 Enter your username and fill your personal details.
Step-5 Make a strong password.
Step-6 Confirm the password and Accept the Terms & Conditions.
Step-7 Tap on Next.
Step-8 Add your phone number or Email ID for verification.
Step-9 Click on Next.
Step-10 Now your account have been created.

What is Google Hack?

Google Hack is an information gathering technique used by an attacker. It helps attackers to discover files and other sensitive stored data and to find files and pages that are not secure. Google Hacking is also known as Google dorking.

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Some major steps of Hacking Google:

cache: this dork will show you the cached version of any website, e.g.
allintext: searches for specific text contained on any web page, e.g. allintext: hacking tools.
allintitle: exactly the same as allintext, but will show pages that contain titles with X characters, e.g. allintitle:”Security Companies”.
filetype: used to search for any kind of file extensions, for example, if you want to search for pdf files you can use: email security filetype: pdf.
+: used to concatenate words, useful to detect pages that use more than one specific key, e.g. security + trails.
|: this is a logical operator, e.g. “security” “tips” will show all the sites which contain security or tips, or both words.

How to Hack Google?

If you want to Hack Log files: This helps to hack the current database name, user login, password and email values to the Internet.
allintext:username filetype:log

If you want to Hack web servers: It allow appending /proc/self/cwd/ directly to the URL of your website.

If you want to Hack ENV files: It can tell unencrypted usernames, passwords and IPs are directly.

It also helps us to Hack Live cameras:
IP based cameras: inurl:top.htm inurl:currenttime
General cameras: inurl:”lvappl.htm”

It can Hack Government documents:
allintitle: restricted filetype:doc site:gov

Preventing Google Hacking:

  • Protect your username, phone numbers, IP address and passwords on some websites.
  • Allow restrictions on your username, phone number, Emails, IDs and passwords.
  • Don’t tell anyone your Email account or phone number or password.
  • If you find sensitive content exposed, request its removal by using Google Search Console.
  • Block some sensitive content.
  • Maintain security and privacy on your Google account.