HP Printer Error 60.02

HP printer error 60.02 is caused by improper positioning of the input tray. Sometimes the printer stops working due to this error. If you are facing this error which includes various reasons like a broken spring or improper functioning of the paper sensor then you can do proper troubleshooting of it. We have discussed the fixing steps below.

What are the causes of Error 60.02?

  • When the input tray is in an unsuitable position.
  • The paper has been loaded incorrectly.

How to fix the HP Printer Error 60.02?

Below we’re discussing the fixing steps for the following error:

  1. Take out the papers from the paper tray and re-insert them again.
  2. Now, remove the printer cover and make sure that the paper tray is working properly or not.
  3. Attach the metal frame and remove the spring.
  4. Re-insert the spring again.
  5. Finally, you have done this method successfully now check whether the issue is resolve or not.