Canon Printer Error U052

Canon printer error U052 occurs when there is a problem with the print head or the position of the print head is inappropriate. For resolving this error remove the print head and reinstall it. If you want to know the causes and solutions then read the information given below.

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Canon Printer Error U052 – Causes

  • When the printer head is not fully seated.
  • Printer head is not working.
  • Damaged Cartridge.

How do you resolve Canon Printer Error U052?

Resolve the Error U052 while installing the printhead :

  1. Remove or open the print head of the printer.
  2. When you open the printer cover cartridge slot automatically move in the middle of the printer.
  3. Now disconnect the USB cables from the power outlet.
  4. Remove all ink cartridges from the cartridge slot and ow slowly move the printer head.
  5. Then, Pull the printer head so that it will automatically come out.
  6. Perform the basic cleaning cycle over the printer head.
  7. Re-insert the printer head and close the printer cover.
  8. If the error is not resolved then try another method.

Resolve the Error U052 without installing printhead :

  1. Unplug your printer cables from the power outlet.
  2. Open the printer cover / top lid of the printer.
  3. Install the print head into the sliding rail present beside the ink cartridge.
  4. Now make sure that you installed the cartridge slot only not the printhead.
  5. Finally you’ve done the above steps successfully now you can restart your printer.

Check cartridge for resolving the Error U052 :

  1. Remove the printer head and ink cartridge.
  2. Clean the printer head with cotton or a clean cloth.
  3. Now wait for it to dry for some time.
  4. You have successfully completed the above steps, now you need to reinstall the printer head and cartridge.

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