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Full form of ISP is Internet service provider. An Internet Service Provider (ISP) is an organization that provides services to access, use, or participate in the Internet. Internet service providers can be organized into various forms, such as commercial, community-owned, non-profit, or otherwise privately owned. Internet services typically provided by ISPs can include Internet access, Internet transit, domain name registration, web hosting, Usenet service, and colocation.

What is ISP Computer and Who’s your Internet Service Provider (ISP)?

The term Internet Service Provider (ISP) refers to a company that provides access to the Internet to both personal and business customers. An ISP typically acts as an access point or gateway that gives a user access to everything available on the Internet. ISPs make it possible for their customers to surf the web, shop online, do business, and connect with family and friends. ISPs may also provide other services, including email services, domain registration, web hosting, and browser packages.

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An ISP may be referred to as an information service provider, a storage service provider, an Internet service provider (INSP), or any combination of these three depending on the services provided by the company. An Internet Service Provider (ISP) is a company that provides web access to both businesses and consumers. ISPs may also provide other services such as email services, domain registration, web hosting and browser services.

Your Internet Service Provider (ISP): Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is the company that provides your internet access.

Examples of ISPs are:
Time Warner Cable
Google Fiber

Types of Internet Service Provider (ISP):

ISPs can broadly be classified into six categories as shown in the following diagram:

Access providers:

Access providers provide access to internet through telephone lines, cable wi-fi or fiber optics.

Mailbox Provider:

Such providers offer mailbox hosting services.

Hosting ISPs:

Hosting ISPs offers e-mail, and other web hosting services such as virtual machines, clouds etc.

Virtual ISPs:

Such ISPs offer internet access via other ISP services.

Free ISPs:

Free ISPs do not charge for internet services.