m to dm

One can either count on the m to dm conversion calculator or can compute the converted value through the meter to dm conversion formula. To convert values from m into dm with the help of a formula, follow the procedure.



The Meter is described as a value equivalent to the distance covered by the light within 1/299 792 458 per second. A meter is a unit of Length or Distance in the Metric System. The symbol for meter is m.

There are 0.1 meters in a decimeter. The International spelling for this unit is meter. The meter/metre is being used for measuring length, width and height in almost every country in the world, except in the US, where they use the Imperial/US customary units.



The decimeter is a length measurement unit in the aegis of the metric system. A decimeter is a unit of Length or Distance in the Metric System. The symbol for decimeter is dm.

There are 10 decimeters in a meter. The International spelling for this unit is decimeter.

What is the relationship between Meter and Decimeter?

The relationship between Meters and Decimeters is easy to decipher, especially when you are familiar with the conversion ratio. Both units are used for length measurement purposes around the globe.

The key factor that relates these units with each other more is the equivalent values.

These values act as a base for converting m to dm, as well as dm to m. One meter is equivalent to 10 dm, while one decimeter is equivalent to 0.1 meter.

How to Convert from Meters to Decimeters?


All you have to do is replace the meter with the value that needs to be converted and multiply it by 10. The resultant value will be the converted value.

Decimeter = Meter * 10.

For example, if you want to convert 1 m to dm, just replace x by 1 [m]:
1 m = 1 * 10 = 10 dm

Multiply the amount of meters by 10.
The result will be expressed in decimeters.

Conversion Table of Meter to Decimeter

Meters (m)Decimeters (dm)
0.0001 m0.001 dm
0.001 m0.01 dm
0.01 m0.1 dm
0.02 m0.2 dm
0.03 m0.3 dm
0.04 m0.4 dm
0.05 m0.5 dm
0.06 m0.6 dm
0.07 m0.7000000000000001 dm
0.08 m0.8 dm
0.09 m0.8999999999999999 dm
0.1 m1 dm
0.2 m2 dm
0.3 m3 dm
0.4 m4 dm
0.5 m5 dm
0.6 m6 dm
0.7 m7 dm
0.8 m8 dm
0.9 m9 dm
1 m10 dm
1.1 m11 dm
1.2 m12 dm
1.25 m12.5 dm
1.5 m15 dm
1.75 m17.5 dm
2 m20 dm
3 m30 dm
4 m40 dm
5 m50 dm
6 m60 dm
7 m70 dm
8 m80 dm
9 m90 dm
10 m100 dm
20 m200 dm
30 m300 dm
40 m400 dm
50 m500 dm
60 m600 dm
70 m700 dm
80 m800 dm
90 m900 dm
100 m1000 dm
200 m2000 dm
300 m3000 dm
400 m4000 dm
500 m5000 dm
600 m6000 dm
700 m7000 dm
800 m8000 dm
900 m9000 dm
1000 m10000 dm

Examples of Converting Meters to Decimeters:
Convert 27 Meter to Decimeter [m to dm]
To convert 27 m to dm, multiply 27 by 10
Decimeters = 27 * 10
That is equal to 270 decimeters.
[Using formula Decimeter = Meter * 10]

Convert 45 Meter to Decimeter [m into dm]
To convert 45 m into dm, multiply 45 by 10
Decimeters = 45 * 10
That is equal to 450 decimeters.
[Using formula Decimeter = Meter * 10]