Optimize PC

Optimize PC is the best way to improve your system’s speed up performance, you can further optimize its capabilities through routine maintenance. The main reasons for a slow computer usually boil down to using your PC’s resources inefficiently. Your operating system has to manage your computer’s resources (memory, drive space, processing power) among all the programs that are running on it, so there are a large number of things that can degrade your computer’s performance.

How to optimize my PC ?

1. Defrag your hard drive – Data stored on your system will eventually become fragmented, leading to a loss in performance.

2. Free up disk space – Create space on your system and make it easier to find the programs and files you need.

3. Run a spyware or anti-virus program – Help you find the best antivirus software for you.

4. Delete temporary Internet files – Storing lots of temporary internet files can take up a significant amount of storage.

5. Dust your system – Cleaning your PC to dust your computer easily and safely.

6. Restart Device
Restarting the system makes it easier to optimize Windows. Click on the Windows button > “Power” button. Finally, click on “Restart computer”.

7. Disable Startup Apps
These programs get loaded into the memory as the system restarts. Search for “Startup” and click on “Startup Apps” and now, disable all the startup applications.

8. Update Drivers
Drivers are the programs that allow the devices to sync with the system and function smoothly. Right-click on the Windows icon > “Device Manager” > all drivers > “Update Driver”.

9. Disable Background App
Various applications run in the background and there are a series of processes and programs that become active when these applications run in the background. Click on the Windows button > “Settings” > “Privacy” > “Background apps” > “Let apps run in the background”.

10. Switch To High-Performance Power Plan
The power settings in Windows allow users to make choices between the power usage plans and these plans offer either long battery life or high performance.
Click on start > “Settings” > “System” > “Power & sleep” > “Additional power settings” > “Create a power plan” > “High performance” > “Next”.

What does optimizing your PC do?

It finds and fixes Registry errors that cause slowdowns and crashes, frees up system resources to increase speed and reliability and removes the cluttered junk files that build up on a computer.