Speed up Computer performance

Speed up Computer performance is easy like you can slowly collects junk and causes behind-the-scenes problems that aren’t always so easy to catch at first. Over time, as you download files, browse the internet, remove programs, leave applications open, disk cleanup and do pretty much anything else on your computer. File fragmentation is a big culprit.

However, you may just be experiencing a slow internet connection due to a faulty router, a bad connection, or limited speed offered by your ISP.

Speed up Computer performance – Steps

Here we are discussing the following procedure for speed up the computer:

Restart your computer :

The fastest and easiest thing to try to speed up your computer is to restart. To clear the computer memory, and speed up file retrieval, restart your computer by selecting “Restart” or “Shut down” from the Start menu.

Clear your cache :

There might also be cookies connected with the page. On your browser, there will be a place to clear the cache history under Options. This will usually also clear the cookies, but some browsers might have a separate step for that.

Delete unused programs :

On a Windows computer click the Start button < Control Panel < Programs < Uninstall a program. Go through the list of programs, select any you don’t want to keep, then click Uninstall. Although less common now, web browser toolbars can be a form of bloat ware that can slow down web browsing.

Remove temporary files :

  • Click on the Start menu and select Computer or My Computer.
  • Click the small arrow to expand the files on the local drive.
  • Expand the Windows folder and Temp folder.
  • Hold down the Shift key and select the last file.
  • Press the Delete key to remove the files.


  • In the dialog that appears, the system will indicate how much free space is available on the drive. If the free space is less than 20% of the total size of the hard drive, click the Disk Clean up button.
  • Verify that you want to clean this disk, then check all the boxes, and click OK.