Put video in powerpoint

Powerpoint is a complete presentation graphics package. It gives you everything you need to produce a professional looking presentation. PowerPoint offers word processing, outlining, drawing, graphing, and presentation management tools—all designed to be easy to use and easy to learn.

The following gives you a quick overview of what you can do in PowerPoint :

  • When you create a presentation by using PowerPoint, the presentation is made up of a series of slides. Slides you create using PowerPoint can also be presented as overhead transparency or 35mm slides.
  • In addition to slides, you can print audience handouts, outlines, and speaker’s notes.
  • You can use the powerful Slide Master to format all the slides in the presentation that will be covered in the tutorial.
  • You can keep your entire presentation in one file—all your slides, speaker’s notes, and audience handouts.
  • You can import anything you create in other Microsoft products, such as Word and Excel, into any of your slides.
  • Now that you know what features PowerPoint offers, it’s time to learn how to work in PowerPoint.

How to insert video from a file in PowerPoint ?

Step by Step Guide to Insert Video in PowerPoint :

Adding video to your hard drive –

  • Open PowerPoint, click on the “Insert” tab and select “Video“.
  • Select the option “Movie from File” and choose a video file from your drive by double-clicking on it.
  • You can format the video to start “automatically” or “on click“.
  • Drag the video file to position it and resize it within the slide.

Embedding video file from youtube –

If you already know the name of the video you’re hosting on YouTube, follow these steps :

  • Click on the slide where you want to add a video file.
  • Open the “Insert” tab, click on the video and select the online video.
  • In YouTube’s search bar, type the specific name of the video you want to insert.
  • Select the video showing in the search results, and click on Insert.
  • A video rectangle will be displayed on your slide which you can resize and move as you wish. To preview a video file, right-click on the file and click Preview.

Video Linking –

Linking a video file can help you control the size of your PowerPoint file, but it won’t be an ideal method if you’re presenting it without a network connection.

  • Take a screenshot of your video file, with the play button visible.
  • Import the image file into your PowerPoint slide.
  • Link the image to your online video.

How to edit and format video in powerpoint ?

The Playback tab has several options that you can use to edit your video. For example, you can trim your video to play an excerpt from the original, add a fade in and out, and add bookmarks that allow you to jump to specific points in the video.

To trim a video :

  • Select the video, then click the Playback tab on the ribbon.
  • Click the Trim Video command.
  • A dialog box will appear. Use the green handle to set the start time and the red handle to set the end time.
  • To preview the video, click on the play button.
  • When you are finished trimming the video, click OK.

To add a fade in and fade out :

  • On the Playback tab, find the Fade in: and Fade out: fields.
  • Type the desired value, or use the up and down arrows to adjust the fade time.

To add a bookmarks :

  • Click on the timeline to locate the desired part of the video.
  • From the Playback tab, click the Add Bookmark command.
  • The bookmark will appear on the timeline. Click on a bookmark to go to that location.

Video Option :

You can also set other options to control the way your video plays. These are found in the Video Options group on the Playback tab.

  • Volume : This changes the audio volume for the video.
  • Start : Controls whether the video starts automatically or when the mouse is clicked.
  • Play full screen : This allows the video to fill the entire screen while playing.
  • Hide while playing : Hide when the video is not playing.
  • Loop until it stops : It shows the video until it stops.
  • Rewind After Playing : This returns the video to the beginning after playing it.