Software Reporter Tool High CPU

Software Reporter is a standalone Google Chrome process that monitors your Chrome installation and reports any extensions that conflict with your normal browser activity.

This tool has nothing to do with the Internet, but most users use it to identify programs that may interfere with it. There is an executable file with a size of 54 kB called “software reporter tool.exe”.

If you’re experiencing high CPU usage at this stage, or if you’re constantly getting a warning that Google Chrome App Reporter has stopped working; you can disable or delete it. Also read free data recovery software to recover all data.

Where is Software Reporter Tool Located?

This is basically an executable file that exists as Software reporter tool.exe in the Chrome device’s data folder. The Chrome data folder contains Chrome user profile data, such as device settings, bookmarks, saved passwords, and information about other users.

The .exe file can be found in the Chrome device data folder on the SwReporter tab under these various user details.

How Safe Is It to Use?

As a customer, you may be skeptical about privacy. If you are unsure about network privacy, you can test the validity of the tool by simply browsing the .exe file.

You may notice that this feature is digitally signed by Google with a description of the file as a Chrome Cleanup Tool. Therefore, this tool is completely secure.

It should be noted that there are no network contacts in the reporting method. The only feature of the tool is reporting Chrome apps that don’t work in the traditional Chrome browser.

Software Reporter Tool & Chrome Cleanup Tool – Are They Same

According to Google, the software reporter reports a Chrome scan and, depending on the scan result, Chrome recommends that the user remove the malicious software using the Chrome Cleanup Tool.

While this tool can help resers are most concerned about excessive CPU usage when using the tool in the background.

The tool can run the system for about 20 minutes, which will prevent your further operations. Keep in mind that this tool may not be a source of interference if you do not use third-party applications, which is a daily problem.

If the user does not intend to search for a software reporter tool, the user does not know of its existence at all. So the problem is,

In practice, the Chrome Software Reporting Tool is an executable file that runs once a week and reports to Chrome on scanned data. The device scans your computer accurately for unauthorized software applications that may interfere with your use of Chrome.

The tool also reports unexpected Chrome ads as crashes during events such as page crashes.

Disable Google Chrome Software Reporter Tool

  • In Google Chrome, click the ellipsis button in the upper-right corner of the window.
  • Select “Settings” from the main menu.
  • Scroll down and click “Advanced.”
  • In the “System” section, scroll down and down again and set “Continue running buttons in the background when Google Chrome is closed” to OFF.
  • Now click on the “Clean Computer” button in the “Reset and Clean Up” section.
  • It’ll open the Chrome Cleanup Tool page. Now make “Report details to Google” go OFF.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) Is Software Reporter Tool required?

Software Reporter is already an integrated feature of Google Chrome. Recommended for users who frequently encounter third-party software that can sometimes be problematic. This tool also consumes a lot of computer resources, so some users choose to block or disable it.

Q #2) How can one make Chrome use less CPU?

Chrome is known for its high consumption of computer resources, such as memory and CPU, but the good news is that it can be controlled by updating Chrome and working with small cards. Users can continue to check Task Manager usage and remove unnecessary applications and add-ons.

Q #3) Can the user delete the Software Reporter tool EXE?

Yes. The Reporter Tool EXE software can be removed from your computer using Registry Editor (as explained above), or the user can manually select the folder where the EXE file for this tool is located and click on the delete key.

Q #4)  How can the users upgrade Chrome?

You can upgrade Chrome by following these simple steps.

  • Open Chrome.
  • Click More in the upper right corner of the browser.
  • Select Google Chrome Updates. The user may not see this option at all. There is no need to panic because it simply means that the user is already using the latest version.

Q #5) Does Windows 10 Software Reporter Tool also face high CPU usage issues?

Answer: Yes. Today, most of us have migrated from Windows 7 and XP to Windows 10. However, the Windows 10 Software Reporter Tool also has long CPU usage issues. It consumes a large amount of CPU memory, so the computer is very slow.

Q #6) Is a chrome cleanup tool available for Mac?

Answer: No. For Mac users, there is no other tool called Chrome Cleaning Tool Mac. However, Mac users can use the anti-malware tools available on Macs to make changes to Chrome settings. Macs have built-in tools to help identify and remove software that a user wants to uninstall.

Q #7) How can I use the Chrome cleanup tool for Android?

A: The Chrome Cleanup Tool on Android cannot be used as a standalone tool. The process of removing applications and add-ons is manual and can be done by changing settings.

Bottom Line –

In this tutorial, we discussed Software Reporter and its benefits. This is an important tool for users who regularly use third-party software, as it can detect and report any malware or software issues that can be removed using the Software Removal Tool or Google Cleanup.

We also discuss various ways to remove or block the Chrome Cleanup Tool. We hope this tutorial answers most readers’ questions about this tool.