Volume License

Volume Licensing by Microsoft, is a flexible approach to software licensing that allows us to buy licenses in bulk at reduced prices. We can use it for server, desktop, and cloud solutions and different plans are available depending on the number of users requiring access to the software.

Microsoft basically offers three types of licenses:

  • Volume License
  • Retail License
  • OEM License

The major difference in a Volume License is that it allows multiple businesses to purchase a pre-determined number of licenses at low cost compared to retail or OEM licenses.

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Major Advantages of Microsoft Volume Licensing

  • Most of the companies are looking for ways to upgrade their systems without upgrading the cost. And when you are running a business, saving money is always your priority. The main concept behind volume licensing programs is, you can save a bit of cash if you buy licenses in bulk.
  • Volume licensing can help you to secure deep discounts on software, hardware, and cloud services for your organization or company. When you purchase volume licensed products through a Microsoft partner, you can benefit from significant savings compared to retail pricing.
  • Since, Cloud-based applications have been revolutionizing how companies do business. It can provide your business with several benefits. It includes reduced costs, flexibility and increased efficiency in various areas.