What are alphanumeric characters ?

The term ‘Alphanumeric’ refers to a collection of alphabetic characters (A-Z) and numerals (0-9). It is also called as ‘Alphameric’ and is useful to define a group of Latin letters and Arabic numbers. So that, a text built from this collection and for storing text and website addresses.

Most of the computer users use alphanumeric characters when setting up their passwords, usernames and other identifiers, to increase security. Because, when we use an alphanumeric code, it will difficult to break easily, than a code of all alphabetic characters or all numbers. Since, it contains special characters and upper and lower case alphabetic characters.

Sites for which you need to create such a password demand that a mixture of such numbers and letters. These result in better passwords security.

Computers (or chip components) exchange information in the form of binary-numbers. Computer developers need to write their directions in numbers instead of alphabet letters. To do so, they utilize numeric representations of what humans see as alphabet characters.

Another way, computer programmers represent alphanumeric characters is by using ASCII code. ASCII stands for ‘American Standard Code for Information Interchange’.