What is computer network?

Any network works to connect two or more users or computers. In which every single computer and user are directly connected with each other. And the bays can communicate easily among themselves. And both of them are free. Transfer data to each other. We use this network for communication and exchanging information, which we call computer network.
There are many people who still do not know what a computer network is? This article has been written by us to help such people and we have provided information on computer networks in it, we hope you will find this article written by us.

Features of a computer network

A computer network has following features:


Sharing:- Computer networks enable sharing of files, software, hardware resources and computing capabilities.

Integration:- All the components of the network work in a coordinated manner for a seamless user experience.

Backup:- Computer requires that you connect it. And, in the event of wireless news, it’s quick to recover.

Software and hardware compatibility:- In computer networks, there should be no limit for all the computers in the computer network to use the same software and hardware.

Reliability:- Computer network can use the alternative source for the data communication in case of any hardware failure.

Security:- Network allows the security by ensuring that the user has the right to access the certain files and applications.

Scalability:- Sizes of computer networks dynamically increase with time. The networks have to be scalable so that they can evolve adequately for future deployments.

Cost Effectiveness:- Networking reduces the deployment cost of hardware and software of a centralized system.

Types of computer networks

There are usually 3 types of computer networks which are as follows LAN, MAN and WAN. But apart from all this, there are some private networks as well. Which are like this.

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Personal Area Network (PAN):- PAN is a computer network built around a person. This typically consists of a computer, mobile or personal digital assistant.

Local Area Network (LAN):- A local area network (LAN) is a set of computers and peripheral devices that are connected in a limited area such as a school, laboratory, home, and office building.

Wide Area Network (WAN):- These are the largest networks in terms of area. WAN is used when network connectivity is required over a large distance i.e. wide range.

Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN):- This is the network which we call Wireless Local Area Network area. This is the main reason for speaking it. That it is a big network made without wire.

Campus Area Network (CAN):- These are the networks in which many line networks are combined to form a limited area network. This area network can be of a single campus.

Metropolitan Area Networks (MAN):- Metropolitan area networks are networks that span an area the size of a metropolitan region. A MAN is a series of connected LANs in a city, which can also connect to a single WAN.

Storage Area Network (SAN):- A storage area network is a type of network that allows aggregated, block-level data storage. It is mainly used to make storage devices, such as disc arrays, optical jukeboxes, and tape libraries.

System-Area Network (SAN)- A SAN is a type of computer that connects a group of high-end computers. It’s bright and beautiful. SAN is a type of LAN that change a large amount. This network is useful for processing applications that require high network performance.

Passive Optical Local Area Network (POLAN)- POLAN is a networking technology which helps you to integrate into structured cabling. This allows you to resolve issues with the Ethernet protocol and support for network apps.

Enterprise Private Network (EPN):- An enterprise private network is used by a company to connect its various sites so that the different locations can share resources.

Virtual Private Network (VPN):- A private Wi-Fi network, a unique variety, over the Internet is capable of receiving data and connecting data points. Via a virtual point-to-point connection, users can connect to a private network remotely can be accessible.

Home Area Networks (HAN):- A home area network connects devices to the home environment. These movies include personal computers, tablets, televisions, televisions and other devices.

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How does a computer network work?

How a Basic Network Works - Online Computer Tips

Nodes and links are the basic building blocks in computer networking. A link refers to the transmission media connecting two nodes. Links may be physical, like cable wires or optical fibers, or free space used by wireless networks.

In a working computer network, nodes follow a set of rules or protocols that define how to send and receive electronic data via the links. The computer network architecture defines the design of these physical and logical components. It provides the specifications for the network’s physical components, functional organization, protocols, and procedures.

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Advantages of computer network

The following are the advantages of computer networks.

  • With the help of computer network, we can store data at one place.
  • Through this we can easily share data and resources.
  • With its help, we can also store very large amount of data.
  • Computer networks are much more secure. It is very difficult to hack it.
  • Computer network can connect your device very easily. This means that even if you do not have much knowledge about technology. Even then you can connect the network with your devices.
  • Computer networks are very reliable.
  • It is quite flexible. That is, they can use different technology for different work.
  • The networks that exist today have a very high range.
  • In this, no person can access your data without authorization.
  • Using a computer network is much easier. Even a small child can use it. As nowadays children easily connect to the network in mobile.
  • Its cost (price) is very less.
  • Through this humans can talk to each other.