What is Equal?

Objects that are of the same size or have similar characteristics are said to be Equal. Being equal in people means that everyone has equal rights, opportunities and responsibilities. When two or more things are in plane or balanced, they are said to be equal. When two or more things are equal in volume or weight, the Equal is used for them. In a competition in which each side has an equal chance of winning, that match is said to be at par. And when a person is considered on equal footing with another, he is said to be equal to that person.

Synonyms of Equal


The equal sign “=” is used to describe equality between values, equations, or expressions in mathematics. The symbol for equal to is two small horizontal lines placed parallelly. We use the ‘equal to’ sign is between two things that are the same or equal.

Example-1: 2+2 = 4 => This means that 2 + 2 is equal to 4.
Example-2: $1 = 100 cents => This means that 1 dollar is equivalent to 100 cents.

Use equal to ‘=’ sign in an Equation

An equation contains variables, constants and an equal to sign in the form of expression. In every equation, the expression on the left-hand side (LHS) is equal to the expression on the right-hand side (RHS).

Example: 2x+3=8

Use equal to ‘=’ sign in Measurement

Measurement shows the amount or quantity of something.

Example: The length of the spoon = 18 cm.

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