What is folder in computer ?

A Folder is a type of file, in which we can keep many more files. As Folders are a systematic way to organize computer files and a storage space in computer, where we can group and organize according to our convenience. A folder is capable to contain other folders and any type of file in it, such as – jpg, png, apk, .doc etc.

In Addition, we can also keep any type of software such as – application software, windows version software, android apps, ios apps, windows apps in computer folder, can also keep any type of download software file as well.

How It Actually Looks Like ?

It looks like a ‘yellow book icon’ on the secondary memory. We can keep our files organized by creating other folders inside a folder to simplify.

What Is Sub-Folder ?

A ‘Sub Folder’ is a folder inside a folder. We know it by the folder name or any file folder name. So ‘New Folder’ is the name by default, whenever we create any new folder.

How To Create A Folder?

To create a folder, you need to follow some easy steps as we discussed below :

  • Please ensure the location where to create the folder. For example – on the desktop.
  • Now, click on the right mouse button on an empty space where you want to create a folder.
  • After that click on ‘New’ from the opened options menu as you will see.
  • Then select the ‘Folder’ option from the opened options menu.
  • You can change the folder name according to your choice.
  • After this step, you’ll successfully create a folder.
  • To open a created folder, double click with the left mouse button or select the folder. And click the right mouse button and select the ‘Open’ option.
  • Now you’re able to place many files inside this folder.

Create a Folder – Using Shortcut Menu

  • First of all, Right click on an empty space (make sure that there are no icons) in the desktop or Windows Explorer.
  • A shortcut menu will open up then, go to the ‘New’ option and click on the folder.
  • After that, a new folder will appear on the screen which will be named as New Folder’ by default . The cursor will be blinking on it and you can rename it according to you.

How To Delete A Folder ?

  • To delete, Left click on the folder with mouse and then press ‘Delete’ button by keyboard.
  • Or you can, right click on the folder by mouse. A menu related to the folder appears then choose ‘Delete’ option then.
  • Drag the folder and simply putting it in the Recycle bin.