What is Google lens?

Google lens allows you to point out something like picture of a flower,places or buildings.It is a image recognition that helps people to see the real world, nature and beauty of place by there phone camera.
It can recognize bars, hotel, restaurant or some more places. It have ability to translate pictures also. In simple words, it can read and understand by the picture of that object and places.It is a visual translation that give us information by reading images. How do I Turn off Google Lens in Chrome?

What are the features of Google lens?

  • It helps us in translation of text by scanning.
  • It helps us to give information of about plants and animals with the help of pictures.
  • It gives you the information about places near you.
  • It helps to scan codes like QR codes.
  • It helps us to identify addresses, areas, gmail and phone numbers.
  • It also give information about company by scanning visiting cards.
  • It also scan movie tickets for booking.
  • It also judge book by book cover.

How to install Google lens?

Step-1 Install Magisk manager in your phone.
Step-2 Open the app and Click on the download option.
Step-3 Search, and tap on the app.
Step-4 You will find the option Of download.
Step-5 Then press the Home button or by saying ‘OK Google’ to open Google assistant.
Step-6 Then you will find the option of translate text and scan objects.
Step-7 Scan any object and tap on the camera, it will show you the information about the object.

How to use Google lens?

Step-1 In your phone or tablet open Google photos.
Step-2 Select a photo from Goggle photos.
Step-3 Then tap on app.
Step-4 It will show you the details and also show some pictures related to the photo.

Can Google lens store data?

Firstly, asks you to accept Terms & conditions. Then if you agree, it will save all activities. In app you will also see photos stored in your phone. Tap on app you will see the Gallery option you will see pictures captured by screen.

What are the advantages of Google lens?

It is the best app for getting information about something by image. It is an easy way to get more and more knowledge about things and objects. It is very beneficial for those people whose English is not so good.
Also, provides you the links of shopping apps where you will find dresses of your choices. It helps us to identify about pictures.

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