What is Microphone?

Microphone is an input device that converts your voice into digital data. With the help of microphone, you can put audio data in the computer. Today’s era is the era of computer and digital resources, microphone is very important in today’s time.

Where do you plug a microphone into a computer?

For a desktop computer you’ll probably need to look at the back where the rest of the sockets are. You should find the mic socket by its colour and the mic image.

For laptop it’s usually the socket next to the headphone or microphone port found on the front or side of the laptop.

The device on Androids is typically at the bottom of your phone.

What type of microphones are available?

Dynamic Microphone:

It is a type of device that uses the diaphragms, coil, and magnets as components.

Condenser microphones:

It is used for the movement of capacitor metal plates.

Laser microphones:

Vibrations from the surface and is able to capture sound from the distances. 

What are the advantages of a microphone?

  • Voice command
  • Performance
  • Mobiles
  • It is faster to read in text than to type it in using a keyboard type.