What is microsoft 365?

In this article we will discuss about what is microsoft 365, formerly called office 365, is a line of subscription services offered by MS which adds to and includes the Office product line. The brand was launched on July 10, 2017, for a superset of Office 365 with Windows 10 Enterprise licenses and other cloud-based security and device management products. the consumer and small business plans of Office 365 were renamed Microsoft 365 to emphasize their current inclusion of products and services beyond the core Microsoft Office software family Some of Microsoft’s subscription-based services were formerly known as Office 365. and also read about microsoft office buy.


Microsoft 365 come with a full list of tools that will make you and your colleagues more productive. you may be missing new features that can revolutionize the way you work! Microsoft wants businesses to increase productivity with its products and they keep pushing collaboration to another level. here are some features:

microsoft features
  • Real-time co-authoring
  • Check Your Writing with Microsoft Editor
  • Chat with co-workers in Office apps
  • Download Transactions from Banks in Excel
  • Talk With Family and Friends with Microsoft Teams
  • Turning OneNote items into Outlook calendar events
  • Using your mouse as a laser pointer for better PowerPoint presentations
  • Power Map in Excel: Turning data into a map
  • Editing and converting to PDF made easy
  • Resume reading your Word documents
  • Retrieving the right version of a document
  • Reply in-line to email without opening it
  • Working offline and uploading changes later
  • Working anywhere from any device
  • Protect Your Family with Microsoft Family Safety

Other about microsoft 365:

Microsoft rebranded all of those services to Microsoft 365 to help differentiate its subscription service from the traditional Office-branded Microsoft program packages. It offers special additions to its classic Office apps as well as access to more programs, like OneDrive. Word and other Office programs – Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote – are also a part of it. Subscribe for access to Microsoft Office applications like Word, 1TB of storage in OneDrive, minutes for calling phones from Skype, and more.

microsoft features

Microsoft 365 combines Windows 10, Office 365, and Enterprise Mobility and Security authentication into one turnkey solution. It is a turnkey suite of integrated collaboration and productivity applications designed to be deployed all at once to save time and resources. SMBs can use Microsoft 365 to deploy IT infrastructure that incorporates desktop and mobile devices, and the security and authentication systems required to keep data safe in a mobile workforce environment. It combines features and toolsets from the Windows 10 operating system, the Office 365 productivity suite, and the Enterprise Mobility and Security package, which establishes authentication and security protocols.

How can you get it?

Microsoft 365 Enterprise is available now and can be acquired by contacting a Microsoft Partner or a sales representative. Pricing for the Enterprise version will vary depending on what is required for deployment. Business is available for preview, and you can sign up for it on the website. No official release date has been announced yet; once it’s officially released, you will be able to purchase the Business version via subscription, and it will cost $20 per person per month.

Microsoft 365 plans:

You can compare and sign up for any of the Microsoft 365 plans online through Microsoft’s website. Here’s a breakdown of what each plan offers.