What is technology?

In this article we will discuss about what is technology. In modern life, we are surrounded by technology. without technology is pointless in today’s dynamic world. Technology is part of our lives and is one of the key elements for mankind’s survival in a quick-phase world. The development of new technologies helps to save lives; it improves work and makes the world better.

Define technology with example:

Technology is the result of accumulated knowledge and application of skills, methods, and processes used in industrial production and scientific research. Technology is embedded in the operation of all machines, with or without detailed knowledge of their function, for the intended purpose of an organization.

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The technologies of society consist of what is known as systems. Technology essay aims to educate readers about the advent of technology and its current applications.


Technology is the way we apply scientific knowledge for practical purposes. It includes machines, techniques and processes that used in everyday. here we can define daily life example of technology :

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If you’re like many millions of people, you probably turn on the computer pretty quickly after waking. Here daily used example like washing machines, tumble dryers, refrigerators, cars, flooring materials, windows, or door handles or for leisure like televisions, Blu-ray players, games consoles, reclining chairs, or toys, all these things are examples of technology. now below section we will explain about importance of technology.

Importance of technology:

Every day for an increase in the productivity level in various industries. Automation is one of the successful techniques which involves the reduction of labour-intensive tasks for better results. here we can show you technology importance in different fields.

  • Politics: Technology to track the current news
  • Economics: Technology helps in creating economic shifts as it is an essential tool in the development of a firm.
  • Industries: Technology creates new industries as there is a shift in development and the old models become obsolete.
  • Environment: Technology can lead to E-waste, which can be harmful to the environment.
  • Transportation: Many changes in these fields have led to the progress of the automobile industry.
  • Efficiency: The types of equipment give better results with lesser inputs.
  • Health: Development in the medical pieces of equipment to treat and prevent diseases
  • Knowledge: It is a vast field of information and data to guide and help make informed decisions.
  • Entertainment: like games.
  • Society: Technology that directly changes social media

Benefits of technology:

These all are the benefits of technology:

  1. Ease of Access to Information.
  2. Saves Time.
  3. Ease of Mobility.
  4. Better Communication Means.
  5. Cost Efficiency.
  6. Innovation In Many Fields.
  7. Improved Banking.
  8. Better Learning Techniques.

Different applications with different technology:


Technology, the application of scientific knowledge to the practical aims of human life or, as it is sometimes phrased, to the change and manipulation of the human environment. Explore the technology most commonly used in everyday life in the worlds of business, industry, and medicine etc. different technologies used for different applications these are below table:

NO.Different applicationDifferent technology
1For general treatmentsee technology, history of; hand tool.
2For communications technologysee broadcasting; computer science; information processing; photography; printing; photoengraving; typography; telecommunication.
3For the generation of energysee energy conversion; coal mining; coal utilization; petroleum production; petroleum refining.
4For military applicationssee military technology.
5For treatment of food productionsee agriculture, history of; agricultural economics; beekeeping; beer; cereal farming; coffee; commercial fishing; dairy farming; distilled spirit; food preservation; fruit farming; livestock farming; poultry farming; soft drink; tea; vegetable farming; wine.
6For the techniques of construction technologysee bridge; building construction; canals and inland waterways; dam; harbours and sea works; lighthouse; roads and highways; tunnels and underground excavations; environmental works.
7For medical applications of technologysee diagnosis; therapeutics; drug; medicine, history of; pharmaceutical industry.
8For treatment of the organization of technological systemssee automation; engineering; production system; systems engineering; work, history of the organiza
9For the manufacture and design of the means of transportationsee aerospace industry; automotive industry; ship construction.

In this article we have try to define what is technology with example. Hope you are like it! Thanks for reading this article.