What is the best free pdf reader for windows 10 ?

If you want to open a PDF document these days, the first solution is a web browser, most of which now have an inbuilt PDF reader. This has reduced the need for a dedicated PDF reader or PDF viewer software. However, features like digital signature, form filling, annotation etc. are still your cup of tea for advanced PDF reader software.

There are already a lot of options for Windows 10 if you want to download PDF viewer app. But which one should you go for ?

Hence, we have compiled a list of best PDF readers for Windows PC. The 2022 list includes Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, Sumatra PDF, Foxit Reader, etc., which are already well-known names.

Following are the best PDF reader for Windows :

Choosing the right PDF reader for Windows to suit your needs is not a difficult task at the moment, but you need to know about the options available.

So, let’s take a look at different software for viewing and reading PDF documents and help you decide which one is best for you :

1. Javelin PDF Reader –

This entry on our top PDF readers list is Javelin PDF Reader. It comes with all the basic PDF reading functionality which is required to carry out daily tasks. Its overall interface is super clean, and you can choose from most of the common reading modes like full screen, continuous, side-by-side etc.

With only a 2MB download size compared to Adobe Acrobat Reader DC and Foxit Reader, the Spear is fairly lightweight. This free PDF viewer for PC can open DRM-protected files without any problem and provides markup and annotations.

+ It’s a lightweight application– Lacks advanced features

+ Easy to use interface
– Less efficient file handling

2. Google Drive –

Like your web browser, Google Drive is another easy way to open PDF files without any external tools. However, what it does show is an online PDF reader rather than the other full blown Windows apps on this list.

Google Drive provides basic features like PDF printing, downloads and lets you find the content in the document. You can simply choose to open a PDF through Google Docs and convert that PDF to an editable document format.

In addition to opening a PDF in its minimal format, you can connect external Chrome apps to this PDF reader and extend its functionality. Overall, it can become a great alternative to traditional PDF viewers if you store documents mostly in your Google Drive.

+ Convenient usage via browsers or other devices– Lacks advanced editing features
+ Can access PDF files from any device– Only has an online version

3. Adobe Acrobat Reader DC –

Acrobat Reader is the best tool available for the job and it allows you to view, print, sign, annotate, share and annotate PDFs absolutely free of cost.

There’s also a paid version that you can use to take your PDF editing even further – Create, Save, Export, Convert, Edit, Organize PDF for Signatures with Acrobat Pro Combine Files and send PDF.

The reader is versatile enough to go with you wherever you go, thanks to its cross-platform functionality. View your PDFs and more from any device and any location absolutely free.

Speaking of versatility, Reader is also highly flexible and you can customize it to suit your needs.

When you’re reading a PDF document, you can hide all toolbars and task panes to maximize the viewing area on your screen.

To open Read Mode, simply choose View > Read Mode from the menu. Next, use the basic reading controls available on the floating toolbar, such as page navigation and zoom.

Set your preferences for PDF viewing: Documents, Full Screen, Normal, Page Display, and 3D & Multimedia.

The Preferences dialog box defines a default page layout and customizes your application in many other ways.

To view PDFs, check the preferences options for Documents, Full Screen, Normal, Page Display, and 3D & Multimedia.

To access the Preferences dialog box, choose Edit > Preferences from the menu.

+ Can convert and edit PDF files– Pro version with extra functionality is paid
+ Offers advanced editing and signing tools– Minor app glitches
+ Offers multi-platform support

Let’s quickly look at its key features :

  • View and annotate PDF files (full commenting toolset integrated).
  • Acrobat Reader Mobile App (view PDF on any device and any location).
  • Cloud storage (Acrobat Reader DC connected to Adobe Document Cloud).
  • Seamless integration with popular third-party apps (Dropbox, Google Drive, or Microsoft OneDrive).
  • Fully customizable tools (Activate additional capabilities and pay only for what you want and need : Convert Adobe Acrobat PDF to Word or Excel files to PDF or Adobe Acrobat PDF Pack files for a low monthly fee) to convert, combine and send).

4. Soda PDF 3D Reader –

As its name suggests, this tool allows you to view your PDF files in 3D. You can turn the pages of a PDF document just like you would with a real paper book.

Also, there is no need to convert the files to any other format. The software is versatile, compatible with tablets, laptops and phones.

You can also view your PDF files in regular modes, such as: Single, Continuous, Facing and Facing Continuous.

Let’s quickly look at its key features :

  • Highlight, underline and mark your document with a strikethrough.
  • Add shapes, use the Pen tool, and add text to your document.
  • Convert your PDF documents to Microsoft Word format, so you can edit all aspects of the document.

5. Foxit reader –

Enhance your PDF experience by allowing you to work online and share it with others. It is an advanced software to read PDF files, and it comes with all the necessary features. And Foxit Mobile PDF is a small PDF viewer that allows you to open, view and annotate any PDF file. This tool is specially designed for those who use PDF documents on the go.

If you are looking for a robust and free PDF reader for Windows 10 or earlier versions of Microsoft Windows, your search may end with Foxit Reader.

Like Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, Foxit is a popular name in the world of document readers. However, compared to Adobe’s PDF reading solution, Foxit is comparatively lightweight.

Not long ago, Foxit also introduced its new online ConnectedPDF document management system. Its text viewer mode removes complex formatting and displays a plain Notepad-like view of the file.

+ Offers cloud sharing tools– Minor app glitches on older Windows versions
+ Offers collaborative feature to work with others– Minor app glitches on older Windows versions
+ Contains advanced editing features

Let’s quickly look at its key features :

  • Find text in file.
  • Go directly to a certain page using bookmarks.
  • Easily zoom the page using fingers.
  • Easily adjust comment color and opacity.
  • Show or hide comments.
  • Record recently opened files.