Why is My PS4 so Slow?

If you’re having trouble speeding up your PlayStation when it’s online, or if you’ve had problems with it offline and in general, check out our top tips on speeding up the PS4 to find out who’s the best.

Why Does Your PS4 Run Slow?

  • Firmware bugs and issues;
  • Faulty or full hard disk drives;
  • Slow internet connection;
  • Clogged cache;
  • Poor ventilation;
  • Cluttered database.

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Slow connection

If your broadband connection works well at home, but your PS4 runs slowly, the first step is to get it closer to the router, but you can place it somewhere if you connect the router to your PlayStation using an Ethernet cable.

Ethernet cables are very cheap and can be worn on ridiculously long lengths, so you don’t have to worry if your routers are down. Simply run the wire along the plinth or, if possible, under the carpet or floor.

Don’t you want to lead? Purchasing a WiFi booster box and setting it halfway between your console and router should seamlessly increase connectivity.

Storage Full

Operating the PlayStation with a full or almost full hard disk can cause performance issues. Try to speed things up by removing old games or applications you no longer use. There is a high probability that you have already tried. But with the huge number of games released today, you can’t store the items you use without filling your console.

If so, consider replacing the hard drive or purchasing one of the many external hard drives or PS4 databases. You can use any external hard drive to increase the storage of your PlayStation, if you connect the hard drive via USB, go to the settings <USB storage devices you need, find the hard drive bag, press X and you can. Get the ability to format as long-term storage.

Select this option and wait a few minutes for it to format. Once optimized, your console will automatically use it to store games and data.

Simple Issues

In some cases, your PS4 may be slow due to minor issues, such as your device’s home screen. As with your PC or laptop, having your PS4’s home screen full of many files and stuff can slow down your PS4 console.

Heating and Dusting

Low heat plants are designed to save energy. Your PS4 may slow down due to a heating issue. This can happen if you play for a long time or due to poor and incorrect ventilation of your device.

Another reason may be insufficient cooling due to dust accumulating in your PS4. Dust blocked the ventilation and contributed to the system overheating.

Software Bugs And Issues

Sometimes software installation takes a long time, which can affect system processing. As with the PC, if an error or corrupted software occurs, it may result in incorrect installation or software update errors. This helps to slow down your PS4.

Full Storage in Hard Drive

You should always update your games to get new features and changes to the console. Updates come in many different sizes than the ones in the settings. This will fill your hard disk storage and slow down your PS4.

Defective Internal Hardware

Internal hardware components play an important role in the good performance of your console. Using the hardware for a long time without maintenance can also cause errors. If you have not checked the functionality of all internal hardware components, this may be the reason why your PS4 is slowing down.

Defective Internal Hard Drive

You need to check each component to find out what is slowing down your PS4. Like an internal hard drive that needs to be formatted at least every year. This is an important part of the data storage system. If it doesn’t work properly, it is a faulty hard drive and will leave your PS4.

You will notice that your faulty hard drive is a problem if the hard drive makes unusual noises when using the PS4. It could have caused some “bad sectors” in the station or some physical damage. As a result, the hard drive on your PS4 freezes.

Ways to Fix a Slow PS4

Easy Fixes:

Since PS4 slowness could be caused by simple home screen issues, you can check this by managing your console’s home screen. Try reducing the number of items you keep on the home screen. Also, close all the games properly once that you’ve finished playing them.

You can also remove unnecessary files and cache data to free up some space. This should decrease the load of programs that are still running in the background and increase the pace of your console’s performance.

Try Using Ethernet Connection

In case you have figured out that your PS4 is running slow due to a weak internet connection, you can also try using the Ethernet connection over Wi-Fi. It will help to connect with a strong signal by choosing the nearest and fastest servers.

Alternatively, you can place your console closer to the router and see the difference in your online gaming sessions. Or you can also use a Wi-Fi signal booster for a strong internet signal. It will improve the performance of PS4.

Proper Ventilation

Keeping your console’s ventilation system in check can also improve your PS4’s performance. For this, keep the vents clean to allow heat and air to freely pass out of the device.

Reinstall Software

Software installation needs to be properly operated. If the software is not functioning well or gets corrupted, you need to reinstall it to check if it has been operating well. A software error can lead to malfunction and slows down the system. Software updates should be performed on time as well.

Initialize PS4

Game consoles can store large amounts of data and programs. And these unnecessary files and things will consume your system space. So running PS4 is a good idea to delete junk files and programs. You must first switch the console to security mode. Then proceed to launch the PS4. This operation restores your PS4 and deletes all stored data, such as installing system software.

First, back up your stored data to USB or cloud to make sure you don’t lose it during the process. You can choose between “Quick start” and “Full start”. A quick start doesn’t take long. It simply logs you in from everyone and deletes the data stored by the user. A full boot will take a lot of time and bring your system to initial setup. You will need to reinstall all applications.

Restore the PS4 database

I recommend performing this step if you have free space on your PS4 hard drive. This process can take a maximum of a long time, depending on the number of data items in your system. However, it can help clean up space and make your console faster and more comfortable. Put your PS4 in safe mode and then start the rebuild process. Be patient during this process and you can speed up and improve your PS4.

Internal hard disk upgrade

The hard drive also needs good maintenance. Saves all data and applications on PS4. So you have to open the hard disk from time to time and free up space. Create it at least every year.


So there you have some convenient solutions to reduce your PS4 lagging habits. I’m sure at least one of these solutions will work out for you. But, in case none of it succeeds to provide you any help, then you’ll have to contact the technician for fixing it. Nevertheless, the above solutions should do the job for you.

Does your PS4 still slow and laggy? Let us know in the comment section down below.