Windows Activation

Windows Activation helps verify that your copy of Windows is genuine than the Microsoft Software License Terms allow, this makes sure that a particular copy is not running on multiple systems. Windows product key or digital license during the activation process and checks if your system is eligible to activate windows via the entered key.

How many types of Windows Activation ?

There are two types of Windows Activation :-

  1. Enterprise level means when you get a pre-activated Windows copy from the OEM itself. If Windows is activated using KMS or MAK keys, it also comes under Volume Licensing.
  2. Consumer level means purchasing the activation key from Microsoft Store or any authorized outlet. It is mainly used for personal usage.

How to permanently activate windows ?

. First you have to Open Settings.

  1. Then Update & Security.
  2. Activation below.
  3. After that Click on Enter for Product Key.
  4. After this verification, check the Confirm box.

Can Windows work without activation?

No. every windows installation requires a license. The ISO will install and work properly for 60 days, but then features will stop working and your PC will reboot at random times until you enter a legitimate product key.

What if Windows is not activated ?

The desktop background, window title bar, taskbar, and Start color, change the theme, customize Start, taskbar, and lock screen etc.. when not activating Windows. you might periodically get messages asking to activate your copy of Windows.