Audio Troubleshooter

In today’s world most of the peoples face the audio troubleshooter like an improper, defective, or misconnected cables; incorrect drivers; or resource conflicts. It occurs sometimes when you don’t changes to the system usually it will caused by cable or operator error.

If you have trouble hearing sound from your computer, try running the Windows Audio Troubleshooter to assist in identifying and resolving any sound issues.

What are the symptoms if you are facing Audio problems ?

If you are facing the audio troubleshooter any of the following sound or audio playback symptoms on your system. Here, we discuss the symptoms of issue.

  • Low or no sound or audio during playback.
  • Stuttering, jarring, distorted, crackling, or choppy audio.
  • Playback sound is intermittent.
  • Static, white noise, or hissing.
  • Audio device disappears after a Windows update.
  • Computer sounds are audible but audio CDs are not.

How to fix Audio Troubleshooter ?

  • Shut down and restart the system.
  • Verify that all cables are connected, the speakers have power and are switched on and volume is set.
  • If the problem occurs with only one program, visit the web sites for Microsoft, the software company, and the audio adapter maker to determine if there is a known problem with that program and audio adapter combination.
  • Verify that the audio adapter is selected as the default playback device.
  • Verify that all components of the audio adapter are operating properly.
  • If you have another set of speakers, substitute them temporarily to eliminate the speakers as a possible cause.
  • Connect the questionable speakers to another system with a known good audio adapter, or even an MP3 player or portable CD rom.

Steps for a easy resolution:-

  • Go to Search in the taskbar, type audio troubleshooter, and select Find and fix problems.
  • Select Next > device you want to troubleshoot.
  • You can also launch the troubleshooter from audio Settings:
  • Select Start > Settings > System > Sound > Troubleshoot common sound problems and select Output devices or Input devices.