brother printer error 50

A Brother printer error 50 showed a difficulty with a foreign object, such as a paper clip or torn piece of paper, stuck in the machine. If you are facing more error like – brother printer error brother printer error ts-02 , ts-07 , 0b , 35 , 32 etc. So you can help yourself by clicking on these links. Thank you !

There are some causes of the error code 50 –

  • You will able to see an opened cartridge access door.
  • You will face a problem with the Brother ink cartridges.
  • The paper tray could be empty.
  • There is any paper stuck inside the printer, which may stop the printer from working.
  • Confirm that your Brother printer is congenial with the computer firewall.
  • If you can check that the software is working fine without any lag or not then you can disable the firewall.
  • May be printer scanner can neglect.
  • The other reason for the error code 50 is Misperception between the computer and the printer.
  • May be this situations is created when Brother printer is busy doing another printing duties.

How to fix brother printer error code 50 ?

  • Transfer all faxes to another fax machine if you don’t want your important messages to be lost.
  • If you are “unable to print 50“, unplug the machine from the power outlet for 1 minute, then plug it in again.
    Note : The reason fax messages go directly to machine memory is that they cannot be printed at this time.
  • Check the left and right of the printer carefully as it removes scraps of paper and jams under the print.
  • Open the scanner cover and try to turn on the machine you see on the back of the machine.
  • You have to open the clear jam and cover on the back of the machine.
  • You must remove all ink cartridges then turn off the printer and shake it for a few seconds.
  • Check Print Quality Sheet [PQCS] if you are unable to clear ‘Print 50‘ after applying above steps.

Procedure of troubleshoot in Brother Printer Error 50 –

  • If You want to resolve this problem then you must go through with basic troubleshooting.
  • First,you must open scanner cover.
  • Secondly, place the printhead in the middle.
  • Once you done, then you make sure to remove piece of paper stuck in the print head .
  • Now you can reboot the Brother Printer, & Wait for a second and let the Brother printer on and come in secure situation .
  • After that we suggest you to contact with Service department.