HP Printer Error e1

HP Printer Error E1 occurs due to jammed paper or paper stuck in internal parts of the printer. For a better solution to this error read by complete article. We are here to provide you the solutions to some other canon printer errors – 30e1, e2e419a0020e9, etc.

Causes of HP Printer Error e1 –

  • The issue in the Connection of the Print Driver.
  • When the printer cable is damaged.
  • You also face this error sometimes paper size mismatch when you try to use USB for printing from the respective phone.

How to fix HP Printer Error e1?

  1. First, lift the scanner cover plastic tabs that are present on both sides.
  2. Check the position of the print head and unplug the HP Printer from the wall outlet.
  3. Move the print head and make sure that there is any stuck paper or jammed paper.
  4. If you find any piece of paper, remove it carefully to pick up the paper without touching it with your fingertips.
  5. Finally, lift the scanner head and push it back to close it.

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