How Many Buttons in Keyboard?

If you type a lot, you’ve probably wondered how many keys are there in your keyboard. This question may seem simple, but the answer turns out to be surprisingly complex and interesting!

How many keys are there on a keyboard?

A standard computer keyboard has 104 keys (although it looks like there are more, they’re actually just repeated). The number of buttons on the keyboard will also depend on the layout used on the keyboard and the size of the keyboard. It may also be based on the target users the keyboard is designed for.

In short, the number of keys on the keyboard will largely depend on the manufacturer.

  • Original IBM Keyboard – 83 keys
  • Apple Keyboard with Numeric Keypad – 109 keys
  • MacBook Air laptop – 78 keys
  • Apple wireless keyboard – 78 keys
  • AT keyboard – 84 keys
  • Windows Keyboard – 104 keys
  • AT Enhanced Keyboard – 101 keys
  • Updated AT Advanced Keyboard – 101 keys.
  • Microsoft standard keyboard in the US – 104 keys
  • Windows-based laptop keyboard – 86 keys

How many function keys are on a keyboard?

The average keyboard has around 35 function keys. These keys can be used to automate certain tasks, like using programs and opening files, saving time by not having to click on them from within other programs. The function keys are generally located on either side of your home row of letters—the first set of letters you would hit when typing without looking at your keyboard.

How many numeric keys are on a keyboard?

The numeric keypad sometimes called a number pad or ten-key pad can have between 6 and 12 keys on it depending on which keyboard you’re using. The standard US keyboard has 10; European keyboards tend to have 11 or 12. To figure out how many buttons are on your keypad, look for them directly above the lettering of your QWERTY keyboard.

How many alphabetic keys are on a keyboard?

If you have an English keyboard, the number of alphabet keys would be the same as the number of English alphabets. You have 26 keys for 26 alphabets.

The alphabet keys are also inclusive of the symbols as well. In that case, you will have a total of 54 keys with a total of 76 different characters.

How many number keys are on a keyboard?

Number keys include numeric keys from 0 to 9. If you have a numeric keypad on your keyboard, you will have 17 keys. You’ll find the number keys at the top and in the first row on the numeric keypad.

How Many Buttons in Keyboard


So now that we know where all those keys come from, let’s look at how many keys a computer keyboard actually has:

The standard number of keys on a keyboard is 104 or 105, but there are different options that you would find quite common. In addition to 26 letter keys (A-Z), keyboards contain 10 function keys (F1-F10), 13 arrow keys and 6 special buttons for copy/paste operations and other uses.