How many types of Computer?

A computer is any device that has a microprocessor that processes information. It has hardware, software and a screen for display. Some computers are fast speed with very high capacity, and some slow speed. Types of Computer are given below.

Types of Computer Based on Mechanism

Analog Computer:

Analog computers are used to measure physical quantities, pressure, temperature, length, height, etc.

  • This computer measures and expresses their results in numbers.
  • This computer can also do comparison between two parameters.
  • Gives output in the form of a graph.

Digital Computer:

Digital computer calculates digits Digit means digits. These computers represent letters, numerical or special symbols.

  • It converts computer data and program into 0,1 and takes it as electronic.
  • Used to perform arithmetic operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication etc.
  • Used mostly at present, they are all digital computers.

Hybrid Computer:

Designed by combining the features of both analog and digital computers.

  • Used on petrol pump which measures the fuel flow and displays its quantity and price.
  • Understands the analog signal with the binary number (0,1).
  • Speed of analog and accuracy and memory of digital computer.

Based on Purpose

General Purpose Computer:

A general purpose computer is a computer that is designed to be able to carry out many different tasks.

  • Allow greater programming flexibility than certain simulation languages.
  • The ability to run many different pieces of software allows a general-purpose system to be quite versatile in terms of the types of tasks it can perform.

Special Purpose Computer:

These computers are designed for special work, they are more expensive than other computers, they are used in the following areas.

  • To execute one specific task.
  • Solve one particular problem.
  • They are often used as training stimulators.

Basis on the size and work

Micro Computer:

A micro processor has been used in the CPU of these computers, hence they are called single user micro computer. These are light and cheap computers in weight, these computers are being used in homes and in small business.

Workstation Computer:

Workstation computers are used for engineering applications (CAD, CAM), desktop publishing, software development and other such applications. These are expensive computers, their work efficiency is more than microcomputers, and they are large in size.

Mini Computer:

These are those computers, which are used for the work of server computers in big companies and government offices, their working capacity is very high. Multiple users can login to this computer simultaneously.

Mainframe Computer:

These computers are used as server computers, they are used to keep a large amount of databases in large companies and government offices, its working capacity is more than mini computers.

Super Computer:

Supercomputer is the fastest computer, supercomputer is used to solve the problem of scientist and engineer, who handle very large database. Supercomputers are very expensive and very large in size, they have a lot of capacity.