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How to insert columns in Google Sheets?

how to add column in google sheets?

Google sheets is a spreadsheet which helps us to maintain data, lists and some documents. It also helps us to collaborate data from anywhere. It maintains data in very simple language it shows an smart and attractive way to maintain data and share with multiple peoples.

What are the uses of Google Sheets?

  • Collaborating some specific data.
  • It helps us to use various Google apps.
  • It maintains data Graphically or in a list form.
  • Show your data in documents, Numerically and in a chart form.
  • To maintain offline editing.
  • Translate text.
  • Keyboard shortcuts.
  • You can email your Google sheets.
  • Apply various filters like color a column, cell or row.
  • Manage data in cells.
  • Create QR codes.

Ctrl-Shift-1: Format as decimal
Ctrl-Shift-2: Format as time
Ctrl-Shift-3: Format as date
Ctrl-Shift-4: Format as currency
Ctrl-Shift-5: Format as percentage
Ctrl-Shift-6: Format as exponent

  • Make formulas.
  • Make your pie charts.
  • You can also hide any row.
  • Create a heat map.

Some various functions you will see in Google sheets:

Cell: It is a single data point.

Columns: Maintain data in Single columns (a vertical cells).

Row: It helps to maintain data in a horizontal way.

Formulas: Make formulas.
Ctrl + C: To copy any cell, column and row.
Ctrl + V: To paste any data.
Aa: To change the alphabets in other languages.
Color: Fill colors in columns, cells or in row.
Ctrl + P: For Print.
Ctrl + B: For Bold alphabet.
I: Italic
Text rotation
Ctrl + K: Insert a link
Insert Chart and so on…

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How to Download Google Sheets?

Step-1 Open Google Drive app and open Settings.
Step-2 Search Google sheets and Install.
Step-3 Now Google sheet is ready to use.
Step-4 Now get some knowledge about various functions.

How to insert Columns in Google Sheets?

Step-1 Open Google sheets in Computer.
Step-2 Select a column.
Step-3 Right click on the Column.
Step-4 From the menu that appears, select Insert 1 left, right, above or below.

How to multiple Columns in Google Sheets?

Step-1 Open Google sheets in Computer.
Step-2 Mac: ? + click the rows or columns.
Windows: Ctrl + click the rows or columns.
Step-3 Right click on the Column.


Alt + i , then c to add column left.
Alt + i , then o to add column right.
Alt + e , then e to remove column.

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