How to program Spectrum remote to TV?

Spectrum remote is used to control and connect remote to TV. It is used to make connectivity so that you can control the TV.
You can change the channel, volume up and down and also helps to change the settings. Spectrum remote have various functions to use. In other words, it helps you to guide your TV. How to reset spectrum remote?

What are the functions Spectrum remote have?

  • Easy way to turn on & off TV and Set-top box.
  • VOLUME (+) & (-) used to set volume of audio or video.
  • CH (+) & (-) used to change the channel.
  • GUIDE used to show various types of channel like Sports, entertainment, music, news, kids & cartoon and geographical channels.
  • MUTE used to mute audio.
  • PAUSE used to stop or pause the video.
  • It also connects Mobile to TV.
  • NUMERICAL NUMBERS used to type a channel number by pressing the numerical keywords.
  • OK used to approve the function or settings.
  • DATE & TIME used to show you the date & time.
  • MENU you will find the option of settings to change the settings of TV.


  1. LG
  2. ONN
  3. Samsung
  4. Sharp
  5. Sony
  6. Toshiba
  7. Vizio
  8. HP

How to program Spectrum remote to TV?

Program Spectrum Remote:

Auto-search Method-

Step-1 Turn on your TV.
Step-2 Tap on OK/Select button but it takes 30 seconds to on.
Step-3 Aim your remote at the TV and press CH- & CH+.
Step-4 Press POWER button it tells you that your entered code is correct.
Step-5 Then check all buttons of remote if buttons don’t work properly follow 2 step again.
Step-6 Press TV button to lock the code if you are right then TV will blink twice.

Quick-search Method-

Step-1 Turn on your TV.
Step-2 Press YELLOW (A) & BLUE (B) buttons it will take 30 seconds to switch on.
Step-3 Aim your remote at the TV and enter 1 digit code.
Step-4 Then your TV will switch off for a while.
Step-5 If it doesn’t work enter the code again.
Step-6 After your TV turned off enter the code & save.

Manual Method-

Step-1 Turn on your TV.
Step-2 Press TV and OK/Select button simultaneously for three seconds.
Step-3 TV LED will light for 30 seconds shows you that it set all programs.
Step-4 Aim your remote at the TV and enter code of your TV brand.
Step-5 Enter the code one by one until your TV turn off but you should have to wait for a while.
Step-6 When you ensure that you entered correct code press POWER button.
Step-7 Then your TV turned on and flip channel.
Step-8 You successfully programming the remote.
Step-9 Press device button to lock the code.
Step-10 If your code is locked your TV blink two times.

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