How to Sign a Word Document?

Microsoft Word is a professional quality documents, reports or letters. It is use to make contracts, resumes or making any official reports. Microsoft word is a software developed by Microsoft company. We can paste, copy, share and also print something. Also, use to create person documents.

Create followings in Microsoft Word:

In Business:

  1. Letter
  2. Reports or Business presentations
  3. Postcards
  4. Banner
  5. Resume
  6. Business cards
  7. Receipts
  8. Product packaging

In Home based:

  1. Invitation cards
  2. Cards
  3. Write Letters
  4. Make Certificates
  5. Tags

In Schools:

  1. Notes
  2. Assignments
  3. Projects
  4. Exam papers
  5. Fee Receipts
  6. School Logo
  • Write articles and books.
  • Converting and editing files and documents.
  • Starting Online and Offline business.
  • Graphical documents.
  • Convert a List to a Table.

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How to install MS Word?

In Computer:

Step-1 Go to the Microsoft Office Online Products Home Page.
Step-2 Search MS Word and tap on the “Download Free Trial” button.
Step-3 Choose language and tap on “Download“.
Step-4 Write your Email address, first name and last name. Select your country or region.
Step-5 Press the blue “Create My Account” button.
Step-6 And sign-in.

In Laptop:

Step-1 Go to and click on “Download”.
Step-2 After downloading sign-in or create new account.
Step-3 Now you can use MS word.

How to Sign a Word Document?

How to Sign into a file?

Step-1 Open in MS Word and sign-in.
Step-2 Drag and drop any file and document you want to insert sign.
Step-3 Select “Signature” option.
Step-4 Apply and Send.

How to Sign into a PDF?

Step-1 Open the signeasy app on your mobile phone or computer.
Step-2 Open the PDF or Drag a PDF.
Step-3 Click “Sign” option.
Step-4 Click on the section of the PDF document you want to insert your sign.
Step-5 Tap on the type of signature you want to insert and click on “Finish” option.

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