How to uninstall Epic Games Launcher?

Epic Games Launcher is web store which digitally distribute you various video games. It is a software developed by epic games. It provides your different and interested video games. It is a best way to make your weekends interesting and we can play with our friends.

It is available in 15 languages: Arabic, Chinese, Chinese, French, English, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish (Latin America), Spanish, Thai, Turkish and so on…

Benefits of Epic Game Launcher:

  • It offers you the Insurance: Health, Dental and Vision.
  • It offers you the Retirement plan.
  • It performance bonuses to encourage the gamer.
  • Provides you paid holidays.
  • Gives employees a special discount on Epic Game Store.

How to install Epic Games Launcher?

Step-1 Visit any epic games product site, such as Unreal Engine Site or Fortnite Homepage.
Step-2 Click on Download at upper right corner.
Step-3 Sign-in if you have any Epic Game account or if not Create a account.
Step-4 Epic Game download automatically, if not click on the corresponding button and it begin downloading game manually again.

How I sign in with Facebook or Google account or link the account to my Epic account?

Step-1 Open Epic Games Website.
Step-2 Sign in with your epic account.
Step-3 Click the Facebook or Google icon.
Step-4 At that time it shows you the sign-in page of Facebook or Google.
Step-5 Then login your Facebook or Google account.
Step-6 Enter your Epic Games account credentials.
Step-7 If you want to set up a new account click: Link to a New Account.
Step-8 Then SIGN IN.

How to uninstall Epic Games Launcher?

How to uninstall the Epic Games Launcher from a PC?

Step-1 In start button you will see the option of “remove” or click on “Add or remove programs”.
Step-2 Then you will see the Epic Game Launcher app.
Step-3 Select Epic Game Launcher.
Step-4 Tap on Uninstall. How do i uninstall an app?
Step-5 It will confirm one more time tap on yes.

Shortcut: Control Panel > Programs and Features > right-click Epic Games Launcher > Uninstall.

How to uninstall the Epic Games Launcher from a Mac?

Step-1 Open Finder and click on “Applications” option.
Step-2 Find Epic Game Launcher app and select it.
Step-3 Move Epic Game Launcher app to the trash.
Step-4 You can do this by right-clicking it and selecting “Move to Trash.”

Shortcut: Finder > Applications > Right-click Epic Games Launcher > Move to Trash.

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