HP Printer Driver Download

HP provides the drivers necessary for your printer to work with the operating system on your computer. HP Printer Driver Download is necessary for every HP printer. But you might also need to re-install the driver if it accidentally gets deleted from your computer (maybe during a computer crash or BIOS failure) or if it becomes corrupted. We provide you the helpful security programs that’ll help you protect your printer software and your drivers.

How to download driver for HP Printer ?

  • First get some details about your HP printer.
  • Now, visit the HP support website.
  • Navigate the HP Support site to find the Printer Drivers.
  • Then, you will be able to find the correct section of the site and run a search for your “HP” printer .
  • You will need to find the correct driver install package for your Windows Operating system.
  • After downloading files you will need to find the .EXE (executable) you got from HP and double-click the file.
  • This tool may need further configuration to get your printer to work properly.


Downloading Drivers :

  • Click the “Support & Drivers” > “Drivers & Software” navigation.
  • Select “Printing & Multifunction” and enter your product number or choose “Printers” in the navigation menu.
  • Choose the proper printer from the product list.
  • Click “Download Drivers & Software” in the navigation menu and then proper operating system in the list.
  • Hit the “Download” button.
  • Choose “Save,” > “Browse” download the driver.

Installing Drivers :

  • Double-click the downloaded file to start the installation process.
  • Click “OK” to authorize the installation and click “Next” to accept the default installation location.
  • Choose either the recommended installation or a custom installation. A custom installation gives you the opportunity to select the options you want.
  • Click “Install,” > “Finish” when it is completed.