Is Netflix Down Right Now?

Is Netflix Down Right Now? Netflix is not getting any interruption in its streaming service, on very rare occasions Netflix experience a service outage. You can freely watch Netflix movies & TV shows online or stream right to your smart TV, game console, PC, Mac, mobile, tablet, and more.

How can I find out if Netflix is having issues?

There are two main options: You can check the Netflix help page that is or you can stay up to date on for free alerts and notifications.

Netflix page says service is up, but Still experiencing an issue?

If you’re still experiencing an issue, please try the following steps:

  • Check your internet connection. If you’re connected to Wi-Fi, make sure that it’s secure with WPA2 encryption. Otherwise, make sure that your device connects to the internet via a wire.
  • Check your DNS settings. If a DNS (Domain Name System) server isn’t responding properly, you may have trouble loading webpages and streaming movies or TV shows on the internet.

Netflix says ‘Sorry we could not reach the Netflix service’

Follow the troubleshooting steps while you face Netflix Not Working:

Reinstall the Netflix app

  • Tap and hold the Netflix app.
  • Go to Remove app > Delete app > Delete.
  • Open the App Store and search for “Netflix.”
  • To install the app, click the cloud icon.
  • Once installed, try Netflix again.

Test your internet connection

  • Using a web browser, go to¬†
  • Wait for the test to finish.

If these steps didn’t work, your account is either using a different email address or isn’t active anymore. Check whether you’ve been charged by Netflix recently. If you have:

  • A charge from Netflix in the last month: Your account is still active, but it might be set up with a different email address. Try signing in with a different email address.
  • No charge from Netflix in the last month: Your account might not be active anymore.