Slow Computer

Powering several programs takes a lot of processing power, impacting performance and speed up the computer. There are two ways to fix when computer is slow issue: first decreasing the number of programs running and second increasing your computer’s memory and processing power. It’s best to evaluate your memory allowance and daily consumption and compare that information to the memory demands of those programs you use most often. Removing or closing these programs can speed up your computer and even create more space on your drive.

What are the reasons for slow computer?

  • Outdated software: Updates can help keep your computer running smoothly as many software companies regularly release updates for their products.
  • Inadequate hardware: Accessing data from your hard drive is slower than accessing data from your RAM.
  • Too many background programs: One of the most common is when there are too many background programs is running.
  • Overheating: Another common cause of slow performance is overheating.
  • Unnecessary files and programs: Improve your computer’s performance is to delete unnecessary files and programs.

How to fix if computer is running slow?

  • Need to Restart : Close all your programs and files and restart your computer. Ensure that any time a software installation or upgrade asks always choose to restart your PC at that moment.
  • Too Many Active Programs or Browser tabs : Open the tabs you need to use at that moment on your browser. For programs, have only those you are using at the moment running, and once you are done shut each program down.
  • Hard Drive/Memory Maxed Out : Click on My Computer right-click local disk C and go to properties.
  • Remove Unnecessary Software Updates : Find a proactive maintenance solution suitable for your computer.
  • Too Many Apps Open Automatically When PC Starts : New programs and ensure to uncheck the box giving it permission to run when your PC starts.
    For windows: Press CTRL + ALT + Delete > Task Manager > right-click on the program > disable.
    For Mac: Go to either Login Items or Applications > uncheck the unnecessary programs.