What are the advantages of computer network ?

Computer Network is a group of computers linked to each other that enables the computer to communicate with another computer and share their resources. So that it is very useful for connection and communication purposes. Not just that, it also has many other advantages as well. Some of the major advantages given here :

Key Advantages of Computer Network


Modern computer networks are very easy in exploration, so even if you are a kid or a person that is new to technology, you will find it easy to connect with and you’ll enjoy it’s services.


Flexibility means different people will be able to explore different things easily as per their choices and requirements. For flexibility purpose, computer networks provide you a wide range of choices to share a particular part of information. For example, e-mailing or messaging apps like Whatsapp. So, it is very flexible for its users.

Resource Sharing Facility

A key feature of a computer network is to enable sharing of resources among its users. You can use resources such as printers, scanners and other machines that can be shared across multiple users. This resource sharing is very important for big companies since they use one common network for connecting with their whole employees.


Computer Network improves its connectivity irrespective of a person’s location. In these testing times, we can see live examples as we use video call apps to connect with our friends and colleagues.


Computer network provides security to its users through authorization. Authorization process can be done by user id and password. Since it ensures that whenever we log in, we are only capable to do it when there is a perfect match between our given details and the details stored in the database.

Good Storage Capacity

Most of the Organizations have an abundance of data that needs to be stored and managed properly. For this purpose, they are required to store them in a central server.

A central server is a remote server that is accessible to each and every employee. So, if in case one loses the data, others have it’s backup.

Cost Effective

Cost is the crucial factor that needs to be consider while evaluating its advantages. In networking, a central server is used that enables companies to store files at a single place. Thus, as a result, it’ll reduce file storage expenses.


This function is made easy using computer network especially for the corporate world, since it connects teams, organizing social meetups or acquiring personal responses, all these tasks can be done comfortably.

Apart from businesses, families can also use personal networks to organize the things, share pictures and videos without exposing their security.