What is Bit?

Bit is the basic unit in computer information and has only two different values, generally defined as a 0 or 1. These values can be interpreted as on or offyes or notrue or false, etc. It just depends on the binary code.

0 (Off) or 1 (On) = 1 Bit

  1. Before – Bit is the smallest unit of computer measurement
  2. After – One large unit after bit is nibble.

Bits in a Computer Processor

The processors of beginning computers, such as 8088 and 80286 were had the capability to function with 16-bit binary numbers as they were 16-bit processors. Later, to work with 32-bit binary numbers, the 32-bit processor was introduced. Nowadays, computers come with 64-bit that are capable of working with 64-bit binary numbers.

Bits in Color

In the colors, bit has an important role as it helps to calculate color depth by 2 to the power of the bit color. For example, an 8-bit color describes 256 colors that would be 2^8.

How Many Bytes are in a Kilobyte Megabyte and Gigabyte?

What is the difference between a bit & a byte?

Let’s jog our memory amigos. What did I tell about this?

A byte is a collection of 8 bits. ?

Though for a layman like me byte is generally denoted with an uppercase B while a bit is denoted with a lowercase b. Next time pay attention while choosing your data plan. 🙂

Besides computing, Bit is also used in telecommunication, used to indicate the network speed. It is also known as the bit rate. Higher the bit rate more stuff we can do online. We always need a high bitrate to stream our favourite movies on Netflix or to stream PUBG on Twitch.

How Many Bits Make a Word?

Ideally, it depends on the computer architecture. But if we assume 1 char is of 2 bytes. And the word is of 5 characters, meaning 10 bytes in total.

It would take approx. 10*8 = 80 bits to store a word of 5 characters.

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How are Bits Stored in a Computer Memory?

At the lowest level, any information is just a series of 1s & 0s stored in a magnetic region of a hard drive in a computer. Also, when writing memory efficient programs, it is important for us to know how the data is stored on a computer.

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