canon printer error E65

Usually, the problem with Canon printer error E65 occurs when you are unable to save the scanned data due to the printer’s memory being full. Cause of Canon printer error […]

How to clear cache on mac?

Like all computers, Macs also use caches to help them maintain performance. Quite simply caches are areas where computers temporarily store data that they’ll likely need again soon. Usually, caches […]

How to snip on mac?

Snipping Tool on Mac is a handy alternative to Windows Snipping Screen Capture Tool that is used to capture screenshots or sections of your screen as an image, so you […]

What is Bit?

A Bit is the basic unit in computer information and has only two different values, generally defined as a 0 or 1. These values can be interpreted as on or off, yes or no, true or false, etc. It just depends […]