Canon Printer Error E45

Canon printer error E45 is encountered when the printer is unable to connect to the computer. Chances are the network is not connected to your Canon printer. Stay connected with us on how to avoid canon printer error ( e12 , e34 , e13 , e15 , p08 , p02 , p07 , e32 , […]

How to take a snipping tool on mac ?

A better alternative to using snipping tool on mac is to install a professional app. Unlike the first method, these tools are simple to learn, and they offer customizable keyboard shortcuts. How to use snipping tool on Mac ? Cleanshot , another great snipping tool for Mac download, has strong annotation features. It lets you […]

How to convert HEIC to JPG on a Mac?

On your Mac you need to convert HEIC to JPG. you can read this article. HEIC is apple’s proprietary version of the HEIF or High-Efficiency Image File format. This newer file format is intended to be a better way to save your pictures, making your images smaller in terms of data while retaining high quality. […]

How to clear cache on mac?

Like all computers, Macs also use caches to help them maintain performance. Quite simply caches are areas where computers temporarily store data that they’ll likely need again soon. Usually, caches are helpful, and most of the time, you shouldn’t need to touch them. But there are times when you’ll want to clear them out. In […]

How to connect skullcandy wireless earbuds?

How to connect skullcandy wireless earbuds? In this article provide you with information on how to connect Skullcandy wireless earbuds to your phone, tablet, laptop, and other devices running different operating systems like Android, iOS, Windows 10, and macOS. Connecting your brand new Skullcandy wireless headphones to your Bluetooth device then you can follow these […]

How to Factory Reset MacBook Air?

Performing a factory reset can help you solve most sorts of bugs and problems with your MacBook Air, including issues with slow Internet, and freezing applications. To know how to perform a factory reset MacBook Air, follow the steps mentioned below. Things to do before Factory Settings Create a Back up before Factory settings It […]

What is Telegram App?

Telegram is a multi-platform messaging service founded by Russian entrepreneur Pavel Durov. It first debuted on iOS and Android in late 2013 and now has an estimated 550 million monthly users. Telegram’s user base soars whenever a privacy scam hits one of its bigger competitors. Its privacy, encryption and an open source API make Telegram […]