What is document mean ?

Document mean is a form that can be kept in electronic form. And it is used to store one or more files in the computer.

The document can be part of the database in the form of file or data. Below are some of its features :

  • When using some computer application programs such as word processors, a document is the unit of work saved. Each document is saved as a uniquely named file.
  • In the computer industry, documentation is information provided to a customer or other users about a product or process of its production.
  • To document (act) a fact, event, or other thing is to record or annotate it, which means to keep it in some relatively permanent form so that it can be retrieved later.

What can the document refer to ?

Document may refer to any of the following :

  1. A document file is a description of an electronic copy or hard copy of reference material for a product. To write and create electronic documents on a computer, use a word processor or other text editor. Once a document is created, it can be printed and made a hard copy.

Let us understand with the example of document files :

There are several types of document files. Listed below are the different document types and associated file extensions.

  • Microsoft Word Documents : .doc and .docx
  • Microsoft Works Documents : .wps
  • PDF (Portable Format) : .pdf
  • Rich Text Format : .rtf
  • Plain Text : .txt

2. On the Internet or in the cloud, it is a document that is stored online only. For example, when creating documents in Google Docs, each of your documents is considered a Web document.

3. With early versions of Windows, when referring to Windows documents, this is the part of Windows where recently run programs are displayed. With Windows 98, the most recent documents can be accessed by clicking Start and then clicking Documents.

What are the benefits of scanning your documents ?


You should search your documents for several reasons :

Savings : Storing and handling paper documents is expensive, especially if you rely on file cabinets to store and retrieve documents. A typical four-drawer file cabinet takes up about eight cubic feet of floor space, which can quickly add to the cost of your office lease. You should also account for the amount of time you spent searching and retrieving your papers. Scanning documents helps you store and retrieve them online. It lowers your storage cost and increases your productivity.

Paper-based structures are fundamentally inefficient when it comes to the exchange of information. Documents need to be printed or photocopied so that multiple people can view them at the same time. scanning allows you to exchange documents online, which improves employee engagement and customer response times.

Environmental Management : Scanning documents is beneficial to both the company and the environment. You use less paper and harmful printer ink by converting your hard copy documents to digital images, and you reduce mailing processes, which increase your carbon footprint.