What is Proton mail?

Proton mail is one of a handful of so-called secure email providers that shun the traditional webmail route of plentiful free storage and integrated services in favor of heightened privacy and security features.

It is a easy webmail service that protects your message archive with zero-access encryption and offers end-to-end encryption for message transmission.

This mail goes further still by not logging identifying information, storing data on the server in a manner that’s useless to third parties, and better facilitating private conversations between users.

Who is behind Proton mail?

Proton Technologies AG
Proton mail is a service provided by Proton Technologies AG, an employee-owned company based in Switzerland.

What are the features of Proton mail?

features of proton mail
  • No-logs policy.
  • Encrypted messages to anyone.
  • CSV contact import.
  • Self-destructing emails.
  • Over 20 account languages.
  • Sending limit: 300 messages/hour and 1000 messages/day*.
  • Storage: 5 GB.
  • Customer support: yes.
  • Short email domain (@pm.me): send and receive messages.

Is Proton mail actually safe?

It is a secures your account with features including end-to-end encryption; minimum tracking or logging of personally identifiable information; independently audited, open source cryptography; zero access architecture; and SSL secured connections. However, no system is 100% secure.

It is the world’s largest secure email service. It offers end-to-end encryption and lots of other great security features to keep your communications private. Even the company hosting your emails has no way of reading them, so you can rest assured that they can’t be read by third parties either.

How to download Proton mail?


Step-1 Download the Proton Mail Bridge app.
Step-2 Add your account(s) to Bridge.
Step-3 Configure your email client (Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail) to use Proton Mail Bridge.

How do I send an email with Proton mail?

Step-1 Click the New message button.
Step-2 Enter your recipient’s email address in the To field.
Step-3 Type your message in the main composer window and add CC in mail.
Step-4 Click Send.

Uses of Proton mail:

  • Only you can read your emails.
  • Your data belongs to you.
  • Improved security in the event of a data breach.
  • No tracking and logging.
  • Encryption for messages in transit.
  • Smaller attack surface.
  • Strong authentication.
  • Protected by Swiss and European privacy laws.

What data does this mail app collects?

Account activity: Due to limitations of the SMTP protocol, we have access to the following email metadata: sender and recipient email addresses, the IP address incoming messages originated from, message subject, and message sent and received times.

Is it legal to use?

The internet is generally not anonymous, and if you are breaking Swiss law, a law-abiding company such as it can be legally compelled to log your IP address.

Does this mail cost money?


Pricing: free!
Because we rely on our users for funding, and because our users reply to protect their data, we are always incentivized to keep our users’ data secure and private.