What is the tilde key?

The tilde is a wave-like grape. Alternatively known as a squiggly or twidle. The tilde is a character (~) on the keyboard below the Esc (Escape key). It is on the key just like the back coat which looks like a curved line. The graphic shows how the tilde character may appear as you type. It is used as a diacritic mark, as in the Spanish “tilde en” or en:.

Tilde is also used as an abbreviation, for example –

  • In dictionary definitions
  • As a symbol in mathematics and mathematical logic
  • In programming and Internet addresses.

The tilde key is in the top left of most United States keyboards. It is often used to switch between windows or toggle menus.

Where is the tilde key found on the keyboard?

Below is an overview of a computer keyboard with the tilde key highlighted in blue.

How to make a ~ symbol?

The USA Creating the ~ symbol on the keyboard

The US To create a tilde symbol using the keyboard, hold down Shift and press ~. This symbol is on the same key as the back quote (`) in the upper-left part of the keyboard under Esc.

Creating a ~ symbol on a smartphone or tablet

To create a tilde on the on-screen keyboard of a smartphone or tablet, tap the number button (123), then the symbol button (#+=). Then, tap on the tilde (~) button.

What is tilde used for in a computer?

Below are some examples of how and when a tilde is used. From which you can find out –

  1. In languages ​​such as Spanish and Portuguese, the tilde is a special mark on letters such as ‘ñ‘ and ‘ã‘ to denote the alternate pronunciation of a consonant or vowel.
  2. Shorten long file names in Microsoft Windows 95 above. For example, changing the “Program Files” directory to the “Program~1” directory.
  3. In regular expressions, a tilde can be used for pattern matching.
  4. A tilde or a file that begins with a tilde and a dollar sign (for example, ~$example.doc) is a temporary file.
  5. In C programming languages, ~ does not denote a bit.
  6. On a Linux computer, go to the home directory (eg, cd ~).
  7. Access the console with programs and games like Quake.
  8. In mathematics, ~ denotes an approximate number.
  9. Access to the Tilda GTK+ terminal emulator.

What is the second symbol on the tilde key?

The US On keyboards, the tilde key is shared with the back quote, which can be shown next to or below the tilde symbol.

What are windows files with tilde?

File names with unusual characters, such as tildes –

Files that suddenly appear with a tilde are usually a backup of a file that was opened or was still opened. For example, with a file named myfile.doc, ~$myfile.doc is created when it is opened in Microsoft Word. It is a temporary backup file, which is used to recover data in case the software crashes or shuts down unexpectedly.

Backup files are usually created in the same directory as the original file and are usually hidden files. Also, these files should be automatically deleted once the file or program used to edit the file is properly closed.

How to delete files manually?

Yes, this won’t cause a problem with the original file. This only deletes the backup of the original file. However, if the program that created this file is still open, you may not be able to delete the file. To resolve this, close the file or reboot computer, then try deleting it again.

A file that is only a ~ (tilde key)

Users running Microsoft Outlook Express 5.5 or 6 may have a “~” file created after downloading the latest update from Microsoft. There is a problem with Microsoft Outlook Express Cumulative Patch 330994 and it is creating a backup of your Microsoft Outlook Express Address Book. This file is created in the same directory from which you run Microsoft Outlook Express or the location of the shortcut for Outlook Express. For example, if you run Outlook Express from the desktop, it creates a “~” file on your desktop.

To resolve this, you can either get the latest update for Outlook Express from Microsoft or uninstall 330994 from Add/Remove Programs.