Brother Printer Error 3b

The reason behind the issue is some sort of foreign objects or some pieces that got stuck inside the printer after that you face the issue of Brother Printer Error 3b.

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What are the main causes of Brother Printer Error 3b?

  • Brother printer is unable to find the cartridge.
  • Blank ink cartridge.
  • You are trying to print invalid page that’s why printer creates a problem.
  • Check carefully that No paper on input tray.
  • Brother driver is corrupted or outdated this is also a reason of problem.
  • Printer network configuration Error.
  • User has lots of pending print jobs.

How to fix the issue of Brother Printer Error 3b?

  1. If you will found any object or piece that got coincidentally, remove by you.
  2. The reason behind the issue is a paper jam if you want to resolve this, press the cross button on the printer for 5 seconds so that head of the printer will move to the middle position.
  3. After that, turn off the printer and then remove all the cords from it.
  4. Wait for a minute & then connect the cables again.
  5. Must check if you have placed the ink tanks on their separate place or not.

Procedure of troubleshoot :-

  1. Open your Settings page on Windows PC.
  2. After that you have to go the Printers and Scanners from device.
  3. Then click on Manage button & run troubleshooter on the printer page.
  4. The printer troubleshooter will run and check for connected issues, after that check the result page & restart your device.

Knowledge :-

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