Brother Printer Error 52

Brother Printer Error 52 is most common problem of every Printer. It will occurs due to any Paper Jammed or any paper is stuck. If you are also facing the same problem or Error then read complete article and follow the solution stepwise. If you are facing more error like –brother printer error ts-02 , ts-07 , 0b , 35 , 50 , 32 , 463b etc. So you can help yourself by clicking on these links.

Brother Printer Error 52 – Fix up Steps

  1. Use the finger holds on each side of the machine to life the scanner cover into the open position.
  2. Check the left and right hand corners and the center inside the machine and remove any paper scraps that may be jammed.
  3. Move the print head from left to right, checking carefully for any paper scraps stuck under the print head.
  4. Leave the scanner cover open and turn the machine around so you are looking at the back of the machine.
  5. Open the Jam Clear Cover on the back of the machine and also open the inside cover.
  6. Check inside for any foreign objects or jammed paper.
  7. Close the inside cover, then the Jam Clear Cover.
  8. Now, close the scanner cover using the finger holds.
  9. Unplug the machine from the power outlet for approximately one-minute, then plug it back in.
  10. Print a Print Quality Check Sheet (PQCS).
    a. Press Ink Icon on the Touchscreen.
    b. Press Test Print.
    c. Press Print Quality.
    d. Press OK. A PQCS will print.
  11. Your machine will require service. Any faxes received while the error message is on the display will automatically go into the machine’s memory due to the product’s inability to print.
  12. If there are faxes in memory, you can transfer them to another fax machine so they are not lost.
  13. Transferring stored faxes to another machine.

Conclusion :-

Here we are discussing about the Brother Printer Error 52 and I provide you the best solutions that may help you in resolving the brother printer error a6. For getting more information about some other errors related to this printer click here Brother Printer Error ts-02ts-070b355032464530 you can get information by clicking here.