How to fix Canon Printer Error p07 (Light Blinking)

Printing too many pages in the printer causes canon printer error p07 (Light Blinking). This error increases the flow of ink directly to the printer. If you are facing some similar canon printer error like – e15, e13, p02. Then you can contact us.

Reasons for having Canon printer error P07 –

  • Printing too many pages in the printer.
  • Which increases the flow of ink to a great extent.
  • Stops printing.

How to fix Canon Printer Error P07 (Light Blinking)?

To fix canon printer error code p07, we have explained it in the simplest way so that you can resolve printer error code.

  1. First, open the printer’s lid cover and wait for the cradle to rapidly slide into the cartridge, remembering that the replacement must be positioned properly.
  2. Remove both ink cartridges from your printer.
  3. Finding the Slot Locate the correct slot for the colored as well as the black cartridges using the prompts on the printer or ink cartridge cradle.
  4. Re-install both cartridges into an exact slot.
  5. After that, the message will disappear completely and you will be in a position to continue printing in full.

Note: If your document is still facing Canon printer error P07, it may be because one or more cartridges are miss-labeled by the printer manufacturer.