Canon Printer Error E15

Canon printer error E15 occurs because the printer cannot see the ink cartridge introduced into it. If the printer is not looking at the cartridge, then obviously the printer will not have the option to print anything.

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There are some causes of Canon Printer Error E15 :-

  • The cartridge may not be placed correctly that’s why the ink must have run out earlier.
  • Excessive dirt or ink in the cartridge which may produce the printer to work properly.
  • Due to fake copy of cartridge the printer cannot read it.
  • If your printer’s driver is obsolete with respect to the version of the printer, you will face this error.
  • Due to help of a brass ribbon the printer connects to the cartridge.
  • If this ribbon is stained with the black ink, then this is not secure for your printer.

How to resolve Canon Printer Error E15 ?

  • Firstly, power down your Canon printer.
  • After that, remove all cartridges from your printer.
  • Must clean the gold-shaded metal chip on the ink cartridge by the use of spotless material or tissue.
  • Carefully cleaning the chip, because it is the device that allows the printer to read the ink cartridge.
  • The cartridge should be reinstalled in the Canon printer. go ahead with extreme caution and Reintroduce the chip.

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